The Wutless Media Newscast Denies Turner's Involvement In Circulating Photos to the press which also ended on the world famous website and in other local newspapers


ingraham2.jpg<<< Turner holding her camera behind Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. (file photo)

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Bahamas Information Services (BIS) today attempted to once again decieve members of the public in the Bahamas denying that photos taken of PLP former Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe outside a freeport police station involved Sharon Turner. However a contact to Bahamas Press confirmed that this is UNTRUE and supplied us with the evidence!

Bahamas Press is now posession of that communication Turner deliever to members of the media, where the photo appeared the following morning (Saturday) on the front pages of The Nassau Guardan. The source information confirms that the email was sent to reporters on FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 2009 at 9:04PM. The photos/message was forwarded by: SHARON TURNER under the email headline <>.

The email confirms the transfer of the photos involving Wilchcombe and opens a can of worms suggesting that Hubert Ingraham and his FNM government has some involvement in a smear campaign against members of the PLP now caught up in this Travoltas extortion investigation.

Turner is a Deputy Director of BIS and is the official webmaster of the Free National Movement. Turner is also a photographer who frequently travels with Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham with her camera clicking skills following the leader of the nation at international events.img_34882

Photo of PLP MP for West End and Bimini Obie Wilchcombe published in the local and international media. The photographs were circulated by deputy director of Bahamas Information Services and webmaster of the FNM Sharon Turner. BIS today denied Turner’s involvment in shooting the photos but equally confirmed that the photographer wanted no attribution to the photographs. HOW DID BIS KNOW THAT? Hmmmmmmmm!


  1. Get em BP!!!! one a serious note. It is sad that Bahamamians dont know the Law. I would have thought that Bahamians would have looked up our laws on extortion, then such comments about you committing extortion because of the information you have on the pictures is not against law.
    The only thing on Extortion in the Bahamas is: to accuse someone wrongly of a crime unless I pay you money then yes that is extortion but other than that, its not against the law… I wont be suprise if Lightbourne gets aquitted cuz of the lack of evidence and wutless job by Dames and the RBPF

  2. To ‘Jr’ and ‘WOW’ and ANYONE ELSE WHO wish to know, on tomorrow “RICKY”, excuse me, MR. Eric Holder JR. to you guys will be sworn in as the First African American Attorney General of the UNITED STATES.

    It would mean that this the man will run the Federal Judiciary, the 3rd highest post in the country. He is the man who will put you in Guantanamo Bay if ya mess with Bahamas Press, ERIC is our friend, HOME BOYS, to put it BLUNTLY FAMILY!

    If Anyone dare messes with ANY of our writers, they would know what it is for sure to feel the FULL WRATH OF THE LAW! That goes for INGRAHAM, CHRISTIE, DA COMMISSIONER WHOSOEVER WILL as some would say, LET HIM COME!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. JR :

    WOW! :
    BP, you better be careful before Dames and Fergie be investigating you next! This FNM Gestapo.. oops, I mean FNM Government don’t play.

    What make you think they don’t already have BP under watch and tapping his phones? Boy you better know what time it is.

    I don’t doubt for one minute that they watching BP now, what I meant was that they will haul BP before the courts on some trumped up charges.

  4. BP sharper than letting them have one up on him/her. I am sure BP knows how to protect himself from tappings etc. PLUS they would be STUPID to do something to BP as the GOVERNMENT or the PLP would be the prime suspects. I, personally, would go on a mission to bring BP wrong doers to justice even if it means bringing in FOREIGN AUTHORITIES on this corrupt lil island nation.

  5. WOW! :
    BP, you better be careful before Dames and Fergie be investigating you next! This FNM Gestapo.. oops, I mean FNM Government don’t play.

    What make you think they don’t already have BP under watch and tapping his phones? Boy you better know what time it is.

  6. WOW and Lou, I wouldnt want to be Sharon Turner, BIS or the government of The Bahamas right now. They seem like they think BP is a toothless lion like them. BP backs down for NO ONE!! BP is fearless!! And, thats according to what I see and the stories I read on this blog. If I was Ingraham and his gestapo, I would lay low and fire this weave head, camera toting fraudulent gal. JR you schooled me. I thought the gal had a psychology degree. Whatever she gat it aint no journalism degree and even if she didnt have a degree in journalism as such, she should at least have some good experience to be called a VETERAN JOURNALIST as the FNM referred to her as. She only worked at Love 97 for a New York minute. How can that make you a veteran and I heard even there she was doing hanky panky with her boss.

    I want to see how Ingraham is going to wiggle his way out of this one. Lets see how IMPORTANT and VITAL she is to his organization. Anyone else should be FIRED !! He will find ways to keep her on her job as he knows he is the one who made her cramp up in some bush or parking lot and shoot those pictures of Obie.

    The PLP so lousy !! Why arent they stomping all over this right now??!! The GOVERNMENT information service DEPUTY DIRECTOR sent the country’s business ABROAD to a TABLOID SITE !!!! People get FIRED for that !!

  7. BP,

    You have out did yourself on this one but in my view nothing will come out of this despite the fact that an agent of the Goverenment had a hand in daming our country in front of international media and despite the fact that this had a very serious impact on our Nation and have lead to a stain on us as a people ….despite the fact that this was suppose to be be made into a PLP smear and shame moment has the beginnings of becomeing a bomb that just might blow back in the face of the Government.

    Never before has something like this come to the forefront and anyone that has a hand in this should be made to resign his/her position in the country if it is the P.M then he has some answears to give to the Bahamian People ….at the end of the day when you set of a bomb you have to be clear out of the way or that blow back will get you in the end.

  8. I agree with “WOW”. BP ..please be careful of the “Gestapo”, ’cause they are for real. Did you check the “another” alleged police brutality story in the Newspaper this morning? “May the Forces be with you”, BP ! I’ll keep you in my prayers – you are a Godsend!

  9. BP, you better be careful before Dames and Fergie be investigating you next! This FNM Gestapo.. oops, I mean FNM Government don’t play.

  10. Bahamas Press warns Bahamas Information Service and advises the agency of the government to retract its statement that Sharon Turner, its deputy director was not involved in circulating photographs to members of the media of Obie Wilchcombe outside the police complex on Grand Bahama.

    Failure of the agency to have the retraction done by NOON 12PM THURSDAY, will result in us having no choice but to confirm and post the communication sent to members of the media on this blog.

    Bahamas Press can prove that Turner not only circulated the photographs but also requested that “NO NAME” be attributed to them when they were sent 9:04PM on last week Friday. The photographs appeared on several websites and newspapers locally and online internationally!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  11. Media, you need to take a photo of that email and post it here so people can see beyond a shadow of a doubt that she sent it, and who she sent it to so the whole world can know what kind of lying snakes they are. This is a set up. I told you that from this first came down. I should have bet someone on that man, I could have had a free case for Super Bowl.

  12. Media, you don’t have to hold your tongue man. That gal is in deep doo doo. I should have saved the page where TMZ had her name under the three photos because it was her who sent them in and her who took them. They really think people stupid and they really think all of us rely on the lying media for information when we can check for ourselves. When you said she sent the pictures to TMZ, I didn’t just take your word for it. You know how me and you go. I went to see for myself and sure enough, you were right. That gal should be fired on the spot but we know Hubert gat a sweet spot for her so nothing is going to happen. Her reward will be doubled. Man this gal ain’t even qualified as a journalist. She has a chemistry degree. I guess that came in handy with Hubert eh?

    Don’t worry Media. I know they only come out to deny that because they saw on this site and Bahamas uncensored that she slipped up when TMZ put her name. Sharon Turner, you slimy rat, you should be fired because TMZ aint’ making no distinctions between PLP and FNM. To them, we are all crooks. Keep the heat on her media. The dumb heffer should have sent you your press releases when you asked for them. Thats good for her.

  13. BP, I beg to differ on a point for a New York minute. This girl is to be called a “picture taker” as she is definitely NOT a photographer and those who are in that industry might be insulted that you include her in their craft. Her photos have no proper composition and its more than OBVIOUS that she takes these pictures as an excuse to travel with the PM around the world when he has an official photographer – Peter Ramsay.

    The girl is SLICK and SLY and a cut throat just like her boss. And, I am told birds of a feather flock together and nothing is different in this regard – she hangs out with her kind – check who her friends are in the media. They have almost the same characteristics which I wont go into now for fear of mass suicide in this land. You know our people get finicky when we speak the truth.

    I am 100% sure this Turner girl is at the bottom of those pictures and she should be made to resign her government post which she was NOT qualified for in the first place. What happen to Anthony Forbes? Suddenly he cant do his job anymore and this girl has to do it? Nonsense !! She was simply brought in as a political pay off and God knows what else.

    They all over the PLP for corruption…..and I am not saying the PLP dont do wrong things….but the FNM is just as bad. This girl has been given a long let and the PM seems like he WANTS her to be the ruin of him. She is wrong and she needs to leave any job related to the government. Let her be the FNM webmaster and do all of Hubbigity’s dirty work from that post.

  14. Well let us be the first to say whether she took them or not, Turner is in her right to take pictures. Isn’t the why she follows the Prime Minister? But this gets interesting because her office in this newscast says she did not take them, CORRECT?

    Well if she did not take them nor circulate them, can anyone please tell us here on Bahamas Press, how did Bahamas Information Services (BIS), which Sharon Turner is the deputy director know (IN ITS PRESS RELEASE) that someone else took the photos, and that that same individual asked media to not giver credit to that individual? How did BIS know all this if Turner was not involved in circulating the photos?

    Its sound to us that Turner was fully aware of who the photographer was and what the photographer asked to be done ech? We wonder if she (THE FNM WEBMASTER) collected money for her hard work of smear and now deception?

    See when you come on Bahamas Press, COME CLEAN FINLEY, COME CLEAN! And we say the same to INGRAHAM, BIS, TURNER and MEMBERS OF THE WUTLESS MEDIA, COME CLEAN! See we don’t play DOLLY HOUSE when it comes to information, we hold FACTS!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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