ingraham_wheeled.jpg<<<Here is Dr. Brown wheeling out of Doctor’s Hospital an ailing Hubert Ingraham following a heart proceedure before returning to office as PM.

Bahamas Press is very concerned that in Dr. Conville Brown’s intractable selfishness and greed, that he is setting a bad precedent that can open the flood gates for all and sundry foreigners to come into the Bahamas to be gainfully employed to do jobs that Bahamians can do and have been doing.

Here is what Bahamas Press is talking about; we understand that Dr. Brown was seeking to bring in three “medical” oncologists to work at his cancer centre on Collins Avenue. Bahamas Press puts emphasis on the word medical because as a skill, Dr. Brown deals with radiation oncology specifically.

Likewise, statistics would reflect that one oncologist should be for every 75,000 persons, which means that 5 oncologists can aptly serve the Bahamas. Certainly we have five oncologists in the Bahamas. So why does Dr. Brown need to seek foreigners to do the job? And why does he need medical oncologists, when it is really radiation oncologists that he specializes in?

Bahamas Press believes that Dr. Brown is setting a scary precedent, where other business persons, especially doctors, will start bringing in foreigners and expand the services available, thus eliminating the Bahamians that can do the job that businesses are “licensed” to do.

Dr. Brown has had troubles from the former PLP Government and was not able to get all that he wanted in approvals for this same cancer center. And if Bahamas Press recalls properly, this same agenda was one of those things not approved.


  1. Liptor and Joe I agree with you fully. Between September to November my wife had to so a series of medical test which each took 2-4 weeks for her appointment to come with the local doctors. In November we gave up and went to Cleveland Clinic in Florida, she had all her tests and more all done in one day. The next day she had all her results and her treatment begun. The difference – more technicians and medical specialists.

    In the Bahamas we monopolize everything. The level of arrogance within our local medical system is sickening.

    On a separate note, my wife did go to Dr. Conville Brown. He diagnosed her with a serious heart condition and wanted immediate life or death surgery. Praise God she went for a second opinion, the other two specialist found absolutely no sign or reason for the diagnosis Dr. Brown gave. Since then we have heard many horror stories about his diagnoses – no wonder he wants help from the outside.

  2. Another set of doctors to “Jack us up” without any legal ramifications. If they are anything like some of the medical school rejects in our public health system….. lord help us all!!

  3. Dr. Brown invited Bahamian doctors to join him in this venture but had no takers. So he was forced to get work permits and hire from outside. Nothing untoward in that Media.

  4. Are the editors of this site racist, dumb, retarded or all of the above? If the individuals are trained and properly qualified they should be able to work in the Bahamas. We need more smart people in this country, especially to balance off people who post on this site in particular. More oncologist will help keep the price at a decent rate so Bahamians don’t have to pay the expensive rates some of these greedy Bahamian physicians charge.

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