How Low Will The FNM and Its Operatives Go?


People who need their pills and are being blindly used by the FNM!

Charged with threats of death is another FNM operative Omar Archer

Nassau, Bahamas — First they took a few of their minions downtown to demonstrate against the hardworking people and the Board of the Bank of the Bahamas, hoping 300 Bahamians would lose their jobs. This was done with total disregard for the global economy and the effects it had on all of the banks, not just the Bank of the Bahamas.

What were their motive[s]? Could it be to intentionally destabilize the bank, so that the Vultures who they represent could swoop in and buy it for pennies on the dollar? Well, we will get back to this at another time.

Then they have the new Village Idiot in the House of Assembly, the Third look alike, the MP for Montagu, talking about a Nolle. He can read; the Constitution clearly states that it is within the purview of the Attorney General to bring a charge or to withdraw a charge. This authority given to the Attorney General is absolute, so what is his motive? We will get back to that at another time and another day.

If trying to put Bahamians down at Bank of the Bahamas was not enough, they appear to have gone deep in the gutter and dredged up a real hood rat, Omar Archer, to attack good, decent, and hardworking Bahamians. Now, this is really low, to try and smear productive citizens using a pure bred degenerate lowlife, who is lower than a flea on a rabid dog.

Who remembers Archer and his dangerous paths of destruction when his wife had to go into hiding to escape from his ferocious and dogged abusive ways? She had to get a backup generator after fleeing from him, and at one point he almost lost his life after her new boyfriend loaded bullets into him.

But what gets us about Archer these days is that he has surfaced out of nowhere since the days when the FNM could only dress him in that red ‘dutty’ shirt and sit him to ride on the back of a truck.

The mental candidate now used by the FNM presently has criminal charges against him following threats of death against Cpl 1405 Adrian Miller on May 3 and against the present Junior Minister of National Security Keith Bell.

The newest FNM mental candidate for Sandilands threatened the men with the words, “Those couple bodyguards Bell have and that small gun cannot save him from what is to come. It’s a mad fire ting going on now and he is on top of the list to be executed. I might be dead and gone before it happens but it will happen. From what I understand his face will be shot completely off with an AK47 to send a clear and present message.”

All we say is this: with all the violence happening in the Bahamas, and with all the mad men now walking around on bail for murder – why is this JACKASS, Omar Archer, still allowed to walk around and terrorize decent public officers?

Something must be done about his bail we think!

We report yinner decide!