How many Immigration Applications Bran McCartney signed while Minister of State for Immigration?


MP for Bamboo Town Branville McCartney.


Dear Editor,

It is truly now silly season. We listened intently to a talk show tonight dealing with the status of immigrants in the Country. The host clearly demegogouing  the issue for his purposes and in an effort to attack both the FNM and PLP, went on to list the number of work permits, permanent residences, spousal permits and citizenships granted by each party.

We find it quite interesting that the host while purporting to be bright is not too clever. He clearly is trying to help the DNA, however, he has a major problem. That problem is Mr. Branville McCartney, who was the Minister of State for Immigration for at least two years and served in the Cabinet of the Bahamas where citizenships are granted. Mr. McKinney cannot divorce Mr. McCartney from this fact and should ask the question, how many of these permits, residences and citizenships were signed by Mr. McCartney. This would be the honest and decent thing to do, but Mr. Mckinney is obviously “shilling” for Mr. McCartney.

As my dearly departed Grandmother used to say, “People has history” and Mr McCartney surely has one as do all of us. Since Mr. McCartney wants to be leader of this Country, let us examine his record for the past four years. Mr. McCartney was elected MP for Bamboo Town as an FNM and until recently served in the Cabinet LED by Hubert Ingraham and felt that Mr. Ingraham was the best person to lead this Country until recently.

Large Sections of Haiti moves to the Bahamas at a time when the Department of Immigration is in a meltdown.

What changed Mr. McCarney’s mind? Mr. McCartney put on the fatigues of an Immigration officer and went on an immigration raid. Did the Minister not see anything wrong with this? He is not trained in law enforcement as far as I am aware and could have put lives in danger. Did he not think of this or was he interested in the photo opt.?

As a lawyer, does he not know that it is a crime to impersonate a Public Officer? Was he “dressed down” in Cabinet for the abhorrent behaviour? Could this be one of the reasons he resigned from the Cabinet?

We suggest that Mr. Mckinney find the answers to these questions from Mr. McCartney before he continues his demagoguery of this issue.

Illegal Immigration is a vexing problem and should be addressed seriously, it does not make sense to blame Ingraham or Christie and not McCartney. Please have Mr. McCartney tell us how many of these applications he signed. If he is not forthcoming, he cannot get my support.

Maybe Mr. Brent Symonette can be very kind and provide us with this information so Christie, Ingraham and McCartney can be weighed in the balance.


Stewie Bain – East Street South