Hubert Ingraham comeback hampered with New Scandal – Papa used tax dollars to pay for eight of C. A. Smith’s Grandchildren to go to school in US Capital…


Open condom wrappers discovered in official residence in DC – Ingraham squandered limited tax dollars and fails to account!

Former Ambassador to Washington DC C. A. Smith and Former PM Hubert Ingraham at Conference in US Capital.

Christie Government still tight-lipped over Ingraham Government Scandals – $1 million NIB Audit hidden from public – WHY?

Nassau, Bahamas — Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie hinted today he is out and will not be seeking reelection whenever the general elections are called.

Some suggest the news spells the beginning of the end of the PLP, which is marred with a weak new generation clan that has lost its fire within one year since coming to office.

Unemployment is still high and growth throughout the economy remains slow.

Some say the announcement by Mr. Christie opens the flood gates in the PLP to begin searching for a new leader. It is further suggested that the statement by the PM has ignited hope for the opposition Free National Movement.

In fact the announcement has ignited greater hope for the Ingrahamites with the opposition Party, who believe they can sell rotten fish to the Bahamian people – again!

Fact is, Ingraham is out and should be looking at a pair of signature handcuffs when the report from NIB is revealed.

BP observed serious infractions committed by the Ingraham administration and can confirm that NIB cannot locate where some 28 million dollars from the Board went when Hubert Ingraham served as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

WHICH OF THE GRANDCHILDREN DID IT? How did condom wrappers end up throughout the Bahamian Ambassador to DC official residence? WHAT A SCANDAL!

Perhaps Rodney Moncur, Margo Doc, Peter Carey and the ‘Terlet’ Paper publisher at the Tribune could all explain to the Bahamian people where did the money at NIB go, before they begin their open public campaign to have Ingraham return to the FNM.

Breaking intel coming into BP tells us, while auditors looked carefully into NIB, BP’s forensic auditors looking into government affairs have just returned from Washington DC – the US Capital – and there we found an even greater crime committed by Hubert Ingraham on the Bahamian people.

Records show the last Bahamian US Ambassador C. A. Smith used the public purse in DC like a jungaliss with a stolen credit card, and he did so with the blessings of the former Minister for Finance Hubert Ingraham.

Sources deep in the Ministry of Finance confirmed to BP, just after the former Ambassador moved into the official residence in the US capital, a request was made to the Minister of Finance to accommodate the payment for schooling for eight of the ambassador’s grandchildren to be carried by the public purse.

Sources confirm, then former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, as a reward to Ambassador Smith, signed off and approved the payment of fees for all of the Grandchildren to be funded by the Bahamian taxpayers.

What in the hell is this?

BP has just returned from the US capital where we know estimates to renovate the Ambassador’s residence in the area are now in the six figures.

We are told some of the grandchildren ransacked the home as if it was a wooden dollhouse. What a mess we uncovered there.

BP even uncovered open condom wrappers on the floor in the official residence, which proves that those who occupied the residence failed to keep the official house of the Bahamas tidy. It looked as if someone had a crack party every weekend, having wild orgies inside. WHAT A DISGRACE!

The unChristian behaviours exhibited by the Ingraham government with the squandering use of limited tax dollars is nothing new. In fact, records showed how the Ingraham government approved more than two hundred thousand dollars to decorate the residence of former Atlanta Consel K. Forbes Smith.

Experts tell us the actual work was just a fraction of that and the accountability and transparency of the money is still unknown.

Someone needs to go to JAIL!

Now that some are fanning the chorus of Ingraham’s return, the question must be put: return to jail or the prisoner’s box?

We report yinner decide!