Human trafficking of illegal migrants is big business in the Bahamas as another 140 Haitian Nationals became stranded on Ragged Island Easter Sunday…


Bahamas Press News Happening Now >>> The illegal trafficking of persons is taking a toll on the public purse –

Haitian Nationals prepare for flight into the capital this morning.

Detention Centre with already 200 immigrants now there will be housing some 340 by the end of today…

Illegals being transported to airport...

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is the only team live here on Ragged Island this morning reporting the capture of some 140 illegal migrants on the island.

BP can report some 112 males, 25 females and 3 children are being transported back to the capital today.

The group was discovered on Easter Sunday after their ship ran aground just off Salt Cay bank in the area.

We can report the hardworking police went out in a small boat to get those stranded, making a few back and forth trips to get the group onto the mainland.

Only two officers kept watch over the migrants all evening and night until this morning. They should be given a medal.

Who was the captain? Were any persons drowned? Those questions have yet to be answered.

Repatriation exercises are taking a toll on limited tax dollars. Some are beginning to believe this is big business for rogue immigration officers and businesspersons who are reaping thousands in the trade of humans.

Already the Detention Centre in New Providence has over 200 illegals being housed and awaiting repatriation. With the additional 140 today, the centre will be housing people beyond its capacity!

BP is now live in Ragged Island where the first plane to transport the group arrived early this morning…

We report yinner decide!

Some 140 illegals landed on Salt Cay bank near Ragged Island last evening...
Illegals being transported to New Providence this morning.