‘I in Florida’ arrested with dangerous drugs at a home on Ragged Island Street – Boss Lady makes Boss Moves and is headed to Prison…


From Florida to Fox Hill – Boss Lady now under arrest for drugs!

Boss Lady and gang caught by police with drugs!

Nassau – She rose to public fame in less than a few weeks ago with the line “I in Florida…Florida…Florida”; gaining endorsements from even one da dead phone company, but tonight, Boss Lady is under arrest for drugs. Unbelievable!

This morning sometime around 10:45am, police while on patrol in the area of Smith’s Lane and Ragged Island Street, arrested a female along with three males caught red-handed with possession of dangerous drugs.

It is alleged that the crew after hearing police at the door attempted as fast as they can to flush the drugs down the toilet. But they were unsuccessful. The toilet was clogged waste. They were too slow.

An undisclosed amount of drugs were collected with a high street value.

We await part two of her exclusive videos, which should like: “Prison, Prison, Prison, Only broke people does go to Prison.”

What in da hell is dis?

We report yinner decide!

Attempt to flush the drugs down the clogged toilet!

More drugs in the basket.