If Dry Bread was alive today what would he tell Christie’s PLP?


tm26244Freeport, GB: Bahamas Press is never amazed at the cleverness of the opposition PLP, particularly when they appear to say they speak for the people, but in many ways have disconnected from the people who made the party.

It is a fact when said that the PLP was built on the backs of the poor in this society. People who went to bed on tea and bread for many nights, believed one day a government would emerge with their interests at the forefront.

But if Cyril ‘Dry Bread’ Ferguson was alive today he would sing a new song for this PLP party that has turned their backs on so many in the society. Last week the ‘Big Wigs’ of the organization flew to Grand Bahama to take part in the home-going service for the musician. The leader included, attempted to herald Dry Bread as a ‘National Icon’. But the question must be asked, what did the PLP do to lift him to that status?christie-1.jpg

Two weeks ago when FNM government moved the Housing Bill in Parliament, Dry Bread had just passed. The leader of the PLP was the first to speak in the House of Assembly on the bill, but guess what, Perry Christie never once mentioned in his entire presentation the name Cyril ‘Dry Bread’ Ferguson. Mind you, Ferguson is a stalwart in the PLP. The first member to honour the man in the Parliament of the Bahamas was Kendal Wright, the FNM MP for Clifton. MY WORD!

And so if Dry Bread was with us today, what do you think he would say? We believe he would first tell the PLP, “How could you’ll forget me? Left me heartbroken, poor and weak.”

We believe he would remind the PLP how under them he had to fight to get a gig on Grand Bahama, whilst a Major Government Corporation brought in and sponsored foreign musicians.

Dry Bread would ask them how could you forget to approve my work in the Ministry of Education at the school in High Rock. And why was I refused a contract to sing for the guests at the airport for the tourist coming into Grand Bahama?

We believe Dry Bread would say, “With Bahamian music in my soul, why is it I was refused to sing a note at the PLP’s election Grand Bahama rallies, but in death I am an ICON?”

Where was the PLP when Dry Bread stood at his lowest point, and had to sell CDs under the stoplight on Grand Bahama to achieve some dignity in life?

Another one of their own left to dead in the heat of the day and left without mention by the leader of the PLP in the place of honour. “What has happened to the party of Pindling, Butler and Hanna,” must be the cry across Grand Bahama today, as the city returns to its horse and buggy days, whilst the opposition says nothing! Rest in Peace Dry Bread, rest in peace.


Grand Bahamian musician Cryil ‘Dry Bread’ Ferguson entertaining live before the camera. Click the play button to listen to an interview with Dry Bread by Mackeymedia Production host David Mackey. Enjoy!


  1. @Kim Sands
    You are so right a lot of people when they come into power have a tendecy to forget from whence they came. Leaders have to be hmble, that is what makes them great.
    He who wants to lead must first learn to follow

  2. Guys, I almost forget to tell yall: I saw A.D Hanna in the bank yesterday, he is so pleasant. You know he hailed everyone in there. I know how some of these politicians go when they think they have arrived. He is nothing like that at all; he is just so down to earth and easy going. He is short you know, I wanted to lift him up and give him a big hug and tell him how much we appreciate all of his contribution to our nation, but I don’t think his bodyguard would have allowed me to do that.

  3. Smokey 007 got my mom through some rough times, I remember how she used to find pleasure in listening to his music. To this day she still can sings his songs. If you see I had the money, Smokey would never been in any old folks homes. If I had to pay someone to look after him I would have. I love this man and his music. They really needs to do more for these musicians.

  4. Politics aside,there are so many dry breads around us today.I remember the late great TONY SEYMOUR,SMOKEY 007 just to name a few.These men along with Dry Bread contributed so much to Bahamian music to be treated the way they were.
    The musician union should and could do more for their members,just look around and see how many musicians are falling by the wayside.
    VERNAL one of the greatest guitar players the Bahmas has ever seen. Played mostly with SMOKEY and some of best singers and bands all over the Bahamas,is now some place just waiting out his time.
    But on his demise just like Cyril, Smokey, Tony and the rest we will turn out in droves singing their praises,and once they are buried they will be forgotten.
    It is so sad the way we treat the people that give us so much joy.

  5. Jr. so you have your collection of Dry Bread aye? I don’t know how come I don’t have Dry Bread CDs as much as I like him, but I have Ronnie Butler, Pat Rahming, KB, Elon Moxey and Terez Hepburn and they were all given to me as gifts, by my friends and family because they knows how much I love my Bahamian music. Anyway, thank you for the advice I think I will go today and look for some Dry Bread.

  6. @JR

    Jr I agree with you we should show our appreciation for our Bahamian Artists by going out and purchasing their CDs, but to be honest with you I rarely invest in CDs and DVDs. Every now & then I would try to support the guy on the street who I believe is struggling to make an honest living, rather than resorting to some criminal activity and most of the time I notice they don’t even sell Bahamian CDS and DVD. Even though I am not a big CD buyer, once I know in time about any performance being done by any Bahamian Artist like Ronnie Butler, Dry Bread , KB, King Eric, and so forth I makes preparations to go out and see them. I have been countless times to watch Dry Bread perform in the Sheraton Grand Hotel Dining room, to the Hilton to see Jay Mitchell and Nirvana Beach to see Freddy Munnings. I don’t go out to reggae and rap concerts, but trust me if there is a Bahamian concert once I am alive and well I would be there. I still believe more needs to be done to promote our musicians. When an international performer is coming here watch and see how they are promoted, I am sure you would agree with me that they don’t do the same for our Musicians. I am tired of seeing these foreigners coming here and make up all the monies and using Bahamian artists for their opening act. Even our radio stations would plays more foreign Music than Bahamian music, that is probably why the young people have more of a appreciation for foreign music and they would rather buy their CDs quicker before they buy their own. It would mean so much if more can be done to promote our music. Maybe more Bahamian concerts would help.

  7. The one thing I know Dry Bread wanted to see was the removal of Neko Grant as the MP for Lucaya. He always complained about the worthlessness of Mr. Grant. He also was unhappy with the PLP and its infighting. He wanted to see the PLP clean up its act and become the image of what it once were according to its philosophy. It is sad that we lost him and it was also sad that while he was with us, we ignored him at times but we loved him and we did what we could for him and he supported the younger PLPs who wanted to see a new genuine PLP. Dry Bread would tell Christies PLP is if you really love the Bahamas and you want to make this country th best little country in the world, then show it. get rid of the bad roots even if they are your friends or family even if you have to ste aside and let a young vibrant leader step in at the wheel. Train them and support them so that the PLP will lead again. If you dont then forget 2012. Thats what he would say.

  8. Well BP, I didn’t know that he was being mistreated by his party… If that was so, that was real nasty!! Everytime I saw pictures from meetings in GB, I would always see his face… He must have been really determined in his quest to serve his party… PC and his event planners must take responsibility for mistreating Dry Bread!!!

    Things like this get on my last nerve because if PLPs don’t take care of PLPs then who would?? Rest in Peace Mr. Ferguson!! My sympathies to his family….

  9. Kim, its only sad when we don’t buy the CDs from them. I have every CD Dry Bread ever put out (I think,,,,three) and I am proud to say I bought them direct from the man. BP, I won’t even bother telling you what I think about this one. Honor Dry Bread but why try score a Christie knock in the process? You’re cheapening the honors you say that you’re putting on the man. Oh well. Like I said, why bother. Happy weekend everybody.

  10. They should have given Dry Bread all of his accolades while he was alive and could of appreciated it. It sure isn’t no used to him now. This man was a hardworking Bahamian Artist, he lived and breathed Bahamian music. Whenever he song Bahamian music in my soul, you could actually see he was sincere with that. It sad that these musicians who have contributed so much to the growth of our country is not given their deserved recognition until it is too late and more is not done to promote their music. It is disturbing to hear that a talented person like Dry Bread had to resort to selling his CDs under traffic lights.

  11. It could have been better for him,may his soul and all the dearly departed Rest In Peace.

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