Immigration Director Keturah M. Ferguson should begin clearing out her desk!

Director of Immigration Keturah M. Ferguson
NASSAU| A group of 50 FNMs paraded down Bay Street on Monday before the House of Assembly began to protest against Keith Bell. Their claim started with a letter written – or perhaps supplied by the Director of Immigration Keturah M. Ferguson – on Chinese Nationals at the British Colonial Hotel.
But, while Bell was the topic for the FNM, a motorcade of 50 PLP vehicles showed up in Rawson Square calling for the resignation of Long Island MP Adrian Gibson following his corruption case now before the courts.
The groups clashed in Rawson Square in a heated row, holding up traffic on Bay Street. Bell was out in full force even knowing well that his director was working with the FNM and had planned and conspired to throw him under the bus. BOY I TELL YA!
Gibson, on the other hand, could not come to Parliament as he was busy fighting for his freedom, hiring hotshot Former PLP Cabinet Minister and MP Damian Gomez as part of his legal team. Imagine that! Gibson doesn’t want a judge who he claims was married to a PLP (now deceased) but wants a PLP King’s Council whom he knows is versed in Constitutional Law.
Gibson must explain to the court how some $1.2 million from the Water and Sewerage Corporation ended up in a bank account that he was the holder of at RBC! This is a straight case that needs clear explaining…not smoke and mirrors.
Anyway, we hope Keith Bell, who we support, learns that you cannot surround yourself with known HARDCORE FNMS, who cussed out PLPs at Immigration, and expect them to not throw ya under the bus before the next election. That’s our five cents.
And if WE had something to say about this entire matter, we would start by telling the leaker running the Immigration Department to clear out her desk!
When the FNM Government back in 2010 released some 200 detained Haitian Migrants back into the society where was the row on that?
Keith Bell has not broken any law! But the leaker should pack her bags!
We report yinner decide!