Incidents of bullying appear to be a growing problem in Bimini Schools….


Police ignoring complaints…

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BP just landed on Bimini this afternoon for the opening of the new airport and we are flooded with complaints of bullying on that island…WHY IS THE POLICE NOT STEPPING IN???

Alice Town, Bimini — The community on the Island of Bimini needs serious assistance with the social development on that island.

Bahamas Press is reporting there are a number of incidents of bullying unfolding now in the schools of Bimini.

Just this week, while special guests assembled at the public school on the island were introduced, a big fight between warring students erupted – in the middle of the guest presentation.

Additionally, a number of incidents have begun to unfold of bullying. The islanders, some say, are not taking well to the many outsiders now coming into an already crowded situation.

Today, even as the Christie Administration opens the new airport and celebrates expanded airlift to the island, a slow decay in social behavior appears to be a serious problem.

Police, we are told, have failed to intervene in these incidents and, from the looks of things, if the development of the community doesn’t evolve aligned with the development on the island, Bimini could become the next Nassau.

We report yinner decide!