No one could have seen then what we know now, but when Pindling FIRED Ingraham and Christie from his Cabinet in the 1980s, it was for reasons known ONLY to him at the time. Pindling knew that ‘TRAITORS’ were on board the ship of state. But today as Bahamians look around and see the state of the Bahamian economy, they now see what Pindling saw, a TRAITOR on board. WAKE UP BAHAMAS, WE NEED CHANGE!

Nassau, Bahamas: Hubert Ingraham must think that we in the Bahamas can be duped easily with his almost daily false statements to this country. With all the crime, bloodshed, collapse of the judiciary and unrest by the unemployed particularly here in Nassau and on Grand Bahama, the ‘toothless lion’ could be heard echoing from Cuba, words casting blame on the PLP.

One must wonder if Ingraham still has sense in his head to know that he was elected Prime Minister of the country for over 18 months now. He must not know that he has decided two budgetary periods as Minister of Finance, where he has lead the LARGEST TAX INCREASE ON BAHAMIAN TAX PAYER IN THE HISTROY OF THIS COUNTRY!


HE MUST NOT KNOW THAT HE HAS LED AN ECONOMY FROM BOOM TO BUST IN less that 18 months since coming to office.

INGRAHAM must not know HE has cause thousands of carpenters, masons, plumbers, tile layers, painters and construction workers to be OUT-OF-WORK for over one entire year now, after stopping over $90 million in government construction jobs in the Bahamas! And millions more in cancelling anchor projects.

And the man who has reaped havoc on the lives of thousands of ordinary Bahamians with his OBEAH ways, could not know that HE and no one else, has turned the standards from middle class citizens in this country to near peasants since his coming to office.

What a PARADOX to see the man who once told the Bahamian people, “I am ASHAME!” [Of Bahamians], to now today have brought shame and utter disgrace to himself in the manner in which he has DELIVERED MISMANAGEMENT with the economy to the same people he hang his head down in shame of.

Then there are the LIES and deceptive talk being spewed from the VIPER’s lips almost on a daily basis. LIE # 1 recently was told about the International Airport. Ingraham had just stood up in Parliament months before and said that the Nassau Airport Development company will find its own funding for the reconstruction of the airport. He accused the PLP at the time for causing an increase of $15 to $20 for travellers. But months later, Ingraham the Prime of LIES and disgrace now says we the Bahamian people must carry a $50 million dollar debt driven up by NAD and the new tax now to be imposed upon travellers using the facility is $25 per person.

LIE # 2 was told to the Bahamian people when Ingraham said, “YOU CAN TRUST US” because he was SIMPLY THE BEST at rallies all around the country in 2007. But look today, a Bahamian economy in recession, THOUSANDS OUT-OF-WORK and BABIES CRYING FOR FOOD! In fact he had told Grand Bahamians, “We did it before [brought investments] in Grand Bahama and we will do it again!” But today Grand Bahama is fast becoming economically brain dead, and Ingraham’s word to his goons two weeks ago was that there is nothing for Grand Bahama in the foreseeable future. NOTHING? Yes NOTHING! “YOU CAN TRUST US!”

LIE #3 was in reference to the act of corporal punishment. Ingraham told his goons again that his AG was in Europe, “Defending the right for the Bahamas to uphold corporal punishment.” And in less then 36 hours later that same AG, who do not know his hand from his foot, was promising to a FOREIGN BODY, to take corporal punishment off the books. So when would we have known that? Because Hubert said he sent him to defend the Bahamas right to it. Or was Hubert being the usual DECEPTIVE TRAITOR he usually is AGAIN?

Ingraham cannot fix his mouth fast enough to LIE to the Bahamian people and at the same time RAKE opportunity after OPPORTUNITY from the young in this country. What other WUTLESS government would go to such great lengths and hang such a tight noose around the Bahamian people’s neck? Almost every time he has the chance he has borrowed money to give to a foreign company, whilst Bahamian businesses are struggling to keep jobs and stay open.

The Ingraham government recently burrowed over $110 MILLION and awarded it to an Argentine company to put tar on the Bahamians road. ONLY HUBERT INGRAHAM WOULD DO SUCH A THING TO THE PEOPLE HE IS ASHAME OF! Did not a Bahamian company tar the Tonique Darling Highway and the money stayed here? Did not a Bahamian company widen the Blue Hill road area? Did not several Bahamian companies build the extension on the Milo Butler Highway now underway? But Ingraham comes back and being the ‘LACKEY’ he is, and has burrowed money on behalf of us to give to another NON-BAHAMIAN company? WHAT A TRAITOR!

When will we all wake up and accept that Hubert Alexander Ingraham is NOT ON OUR SIDE? WE CANNOT TRUST HIM WITH OUR FUTURE ANYMORE! HE HAS BROUGHT THIS EVIL ON US BAHAMIANS! The young and old who sit at home and cannot find a job in this town. And with all this we at Bahamas Press can assure you, this is just the beginning. There is much more hardship to come, thanks to Ingraham!


  1. Bahamians are world class road builders…and drama free
    The Government recently announced the award of a $110 million contract to a company from Argentina to continue the ongoing road improvement project. There is a popularly held view that Bahamians are eminently qualified to execute this scope of work and should be given every opportunity to participate in this project at the highest levels; I agree with this sentiment. This announcement is a drastic shift in government policy and a departure from a successful precedent and model used in infrastructural development in our country.
    In a press conference held on 2nd December 2004, the then Minister of Works and Utilities & Bahamasair made the following policy statement that essentially outlined this precedent and model:
    “In a communication yesterday I informed The House of Assembly that the sole pre-qualified bidder, m/s Jose Cartellone of Argentina, did not submit a bid in November as expected for the Completion of The New Providence Road Improvement Project (CNPRIP) due to difficulties in obtaining the Performance Bond. My Ministry in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, the IDB and our Consultants are now developing a strategy of splitting the CNPRIP into smaller packages for international and local contractors. It is felt that tendering the remaining road works as smaller packages will attract more medium sized international contractors and also give the local companies an opportunity, similar to the Harrold Road project, to participate in the Completion of the New Providence Road Improvement Project (CNPRIP). My Government anticipates that the packages will be spread over a 30 to 36 month period and work on NPRIP will be substantially complete by mid 2007.”
    The decision not to use Jose Cartellone was a good idea because of the challenges experienced by the Jamaican government over the construction of the North Coast Highway. The following was reported in the Jamaica Gleaner on 17th December 2002:
    “Explosive Sales and Services Limited, a local sub-contracting company employed to Argentine contractors José Cartellone to carry out work on Phase Two of the North Coast Highway, has walked off the job.
    The company said it has been unable to collect money totaling nearly $6 million from the foreign contractors which, it noted, has placed it in a “most unfortunate situation” with both workers and creditors.
    Speaking to The Gleaner yesterday, George Lechler, company director, said his company had no choice but to walk off the job, warning that they were in the process of taking the matter to the Supreme Court.
    “We have been working with José Cartellone since December 2001,” he said. “We have drilled and blasted steadily on this project and have done everything asked of us. Unfortunately, the contractors have fallen behind in their payments to us. At present, they owe us US$90,000 and $224,698.51 plus another $1,000,000 we have paid out in duty and GCT which is to be refunded.”
    Mr. Lecher said he has exhausted all means of dialogue with the Argentinian company in an effort to collect the outstanding sum, but to no avail.”
    In the end the cabinet of P.J.Patterson was forced to hire a Dutch construction company to complete much of the work at a cost of an additional US$6 million
    None of this drama was visited upon us by our Bahamian contractors and by international standards, the “Harold Road Dualling and Rehabilitation Project” was a qualified success; Bahamian joint ventures and the maximum use of local skills, knowledge, abilities, resources and all other intellectual capital should be encouraged as we continue to develop our beloved country.
    Thirty-three years after independence and literally scores of professionally qualified and competent Bahamians, should we have to be relegated to questioning our ability to develop our beloved country? Should we have to question our government’s confidence in our ability in light of the quality of our body of work? My view is that we should not have to second-guess ourselves and the government’s intents.
    Editor, I am confident that this is not the same construction firm hired by our government to continue the road improvement project at a cost of $110 million, or is it? Suffice it to say, unless the government could give some extenuating set of circumstances to justify the engagement of Jose Cartellone, our local Bahamian brothers should complete the task.
    Yours etc.;
    Elcott Coleby

  2. Now wouldn’t this be a GREAT question for the prime Minister DT? Thanks for showing the WUTLESS MEDIA in this country they ain’t worth the pen in their hand. GREAT INFORMATION!


  3. Editor
    Jose Cartellone of Argentina managed to make the Contractor General’s blacklist in Jamaica on the North Coast Highway Construction Project debacle. The question must be asked, “why is the FNM government bringing this Argentine company to Nassau in light of its past history and dismal record?” This company’s track record leaves much to be desired. Below is an excerpt from the Jamaica Gleaner.


    Poor progress – Government projects make Contractor General’s blacklist
    published: Wednesday | September 14, 2005
    GOVERNMENT’S NORTH Coast Highway project and the Naggo Head Informatics Centre in Portmore, St. Catherine are among several projects with cost overruns, which the Contractor General has highlighted in his latest report.
    According to the report, 70 per cent of the 37 projects were scheduled to be completed by December 2003, but less than 10 per cent were completed by that time.
    This, the Contractor General said, in a report tabled in Parliament yesterday, was partially due to fluctuations in labour and material costs, changes in the scope of work and cost overruns.
    The north coast project, which runs from Negril to Montego Bay, Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, and Ocho Rios to Port Antonio, was originally contracted at US$60 million ($3.6 billion).
    The project, which should have been completed in June last year, is halfway completed with US$26 million ($1.5 billion) already spent. Work on Phase Two of the highway project, from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, recently resumed following months of delay due to financial problems experienced by the Argentinian contractor José Cartellone Construcciones Civles. When the Contractor General’s report was being compiled, 24 months of the 30-month project had passed.
    “We concluded from our observation that poor management and inadequate financing account for many of the delays,” the report said. “Some of the overruns can also be attributed to poor planning and failure to adhere to strict contract administrative procedures.”
    Last week Prime Minister P.J. Patterson announced that Cabinet awarded a $5.6 billion contract to Denmark construction firm E. Phils & Sons to complete Segment Three (Ocho Rios to Port Antonio) of the highway project.
    Most of the money is being provided through a grant from the European Union, while the Jamaican Government will provide the balance.
    The Contractor General also made reference to the Naggo Head Infomatics Centre in Portmore, a project that was awarded to Tank-Weld Limited.
    The $175 million project began in July 2002 and was slated to finish in April 2003. Up to the time of the report, the project was 88 per cent completed and had so far cost $156 million.
    Meanwhile, the Contractor General said there was greater adherence to guidelines for procuring work than for goods and services.
    According to the report, whereas the pre-contract processes were improving, management of the post-award segment of the procurement process continued to be problematic, especially for work contracts.

  4. A response to The Bahamas Prime Minister from Freeport BY Christopher D. Lowe

    Dear Editors,

    In response to the recent news article which appeared in the June 19 2008 edition of each of your respective newspapers, I respectfully offer the following as a licensee of the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

    Several comments were attributed to the Prime Minister Mr. Ingraham during the debate on the modification of provisions bill (Ginn, West End G.B.) which I find deeply disturbing, if only due to their audacity. To take them point by point:

    1: “We, the Government of the Bahamas, will have to take into consideration as to whether or not it is prepared to continue to permit the Grand Bahama Port Authority to remain in foreign hands, as opposed to national and Bahamian hands”.

    Having read the Hawksbill Creek Agreement (H.C.A.) on numerous occasions, and understanding the criteria outlined therein and necessary for the Port Authority to divest itself of its authority for the governance of Freeport, I can only conclude that the prime minister is willing to breach the provisions of a statute enactment of our country.

    I recall this same prime minister attempting to revoke the privilege of bonded vehicles and failing as he had not the power to do so. Will he now seek to revoke the very document that provides for same?

    Once he “takes” the Port Authority from its private owners, to whom will he give it? Will he keep it for himself, thereby joining a long list of politicians who have allegedly benefited personally from Port Authority largesse? Will he table in the house exactly what he is appropriating or buying?

    Can the Licensees also expect to have our “concessions cancelled? If not, under what law will they remain?

    For one who espouses economic development, how is abrogation of the H.C.A. justified?

    Though there is some unseen hand that has sought to prevent the Licensees from being heard in court, and has prevented them from being given their rightfully due certificate of incorporation by either the office of the A.G. or the Registrar, any move to nullify our existence will be fought to the full extent of the law including constitutional grounds. We have, I believe the right to associate in the Bahamas.

    To blame the current ownership battle for the economic downturn of Grand Bahama belies a fear that the actual culprits will be identified, namely successive governments of the Bahamas and executives of questionable practices within the Port Authority itself, and a powerlessness of government to respond to the peoples cries for relief, but due only to their own complicity in the fiasco.

    Freeport has suffered for near 40 years, starting with the “bend or break” speech of the Late Prime Minister Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, who one could say started the cozy relationship with Port Authority executives, and started the road to perdition that we are experiencing. The breach has been the work of central government, and those who would conspire for their own profit, at the expense of others.

    That we have survived three hurricanes, a lack of marketing vision from our existing large investor Hutchison Whampoa for its hotel and a U.S. recession is a testament to our stamina as Bahamians. That we have endured 40 years of Government meddling and exclusion from our own rights by Government agencies as licensees is proof of our determination and belief in our own individual capabilities.

    If the Government could not enable the reopening of the Royal Oasis in Freeport in a timely manner, how is Freeport going to benefit from Overall government ownership and laggard leadership?

    It was reported that the Prime Minister said:

    2: “No one is likely to ever again grant to foreigners the authority or precedence like that granted to the G.B. Port Authority. No one would be bold enough to do what was done in Freeport all those years ago when the government granted approval for foreigners to take over Freeport”.

    On a point of order, Freeport was not taken over by foreigners, it was created by foreigners. If there are none in positions of authority “bold” enough to enable visionary development for the benefit of Bahamians, then we are truly lost, but at the same time, how does one describe the embracing of foreign investors by recent and current administrations? In the modern equivalent, land is sold, concessions given, for a few jobs and profit for the developer, and housing for more foreigners to buy.

    The Hawksbill Creek Agreement at least had the development of a city for the benefit of the country by way of industry in mind.

    When referring to “mad” foreigners, would the Prime Minister like to comment on the “Mad” Bahamians who have followed, and who have invested millions of Bahamian money in Freeport? Is not perhaps half his cabinet “Mad” by being from Freeport?
    What about the “mad” money that many in national leadership positions have accepted?

    It was also report that the Prime Minister stated that:

    3: “No one will permit, I believe in the future for an island to have canals cut all through for the water resources to be destroyed; for the island to be virtually cut in two, noting the damage that can be done from this process to water bearing land”.

    It is Nassau sir that has water issues, not Grand Bahama. I question this stance however on environmental damage by developments, given the permission given by your government for the destruction of wetlands in Bimini and Bakers Bay Abaco and even west end Grand Bahama. What about the consideration for canals being given to Albany?

    Grand Bahama produces 8+ million gallons of quality water from its water table, and further, supplies it to the east and west of Grand Bahama on your behalf, areas that the government is responsible for. Freeport power, once a Port Authority asset and now in private hands, also supplies power to east and west Grand Bahama on your behalf, subsidized by Freeport Licensees and residents.

    To summarize, I urge you sir to restrain yourself to applying your talents to the problems facing the rest of our country and limit your commentary to outlining your efforts in transparency, perhaps starting with full disclosure of the whereabouts of the Governments current or one time 7½ percent shareholding, and whether at the time of ownership the Port Authority owned any of its original assets?

    If so, does the Government now own a corresponding value of Port Group shares, the asset bearing entity left in this jurisdiction?

    Why did your prior government allow the outright divestiture of Port Authority assets for the personal profit of a few? Did the treasury get its 7½ percent of the sale price? Was the Port Authority ever compensated for its assets?

    Above all, do not play to the court of popular opinion, as the public is largely ignorant of the truth of Freeport, and by your hand as much as any other.

    This will be rectified as any endeavour built on lies and ulterior motives will fail, but the H.C.A. has too much potential for the Bahamas to be allowed summary dismissal.

    Nationalism, foreign investment, has nothing to do with sovereign identity, but has everything to do with pride and opportunities for the Bahamian people.

    Government meddling has everything to do with failure, as the track record shows.

    I remain,

    Christopher D. Lowe
    Grand Bahamian by choice

  5. Say what you like about Shane, at least plenty people were empowered by having a chance at home ownership.

  6. Joe Blow, Second homes??? 60% of the adult population in the Bahamas are looking for “FIRST HOMES” in their own country. And politicians are “GIVING AWAY” the land to outsiders, so they can have second homes?
    Give the land to Bahamians, Like Minister Gibson was doing. If he was getting 5% at least he was saving the avarage Bahamian $60,000 on the land alone. We must put Shane Gibson back in the Housing department.
    But trust me the outside influnce in this country try kill him before that happens again. I am impressed with Shane Gibson’s housing record. He’s a true champoin of the people.

  7. Unfortunately, it is not a change in government that will solve the problems of today. On both sides of the divide are good people who have lost their way. We do so love our political fights that we have lost sight of the issues that need to be addressed if we are to survive and grow. It has long been too easy for us to cast blame and shame (and there has been more than enough to satisfy both sides) and thereby recuse ourselves and our elected politicians of any and all responsibility. Mr. Christie’s ideas for the country have merit. Mega resorts for the family islands simply would not work,however. Second homes, is a good idea because those foreign persons who buy in, come back on a regular basis. Giving jobs, first to Bahamians, is a priority; but only if they have been educated and have the skills that are necessary. Otherwise one must bring in others. One of the main problems we have that neither side has effectively addressed is the work ethic of our people. Too many want a job that pays well and gives them status but they do not want to work. There is a general resentment of authority. Many not only steal time from their employer; they steal products and good-will. To call Mr. Ingraham a traitor is inflammatory and a matter of fact stupid. He has the trust of many people and is as caring for the well-being of the citizens as anyone else. It is often the rhetoric employed by those who are loyal to the PLP because they are still realing after their loss of an election they were sure they had “in the bag”, so to speak. Quite frankly, I laugh when I hear the names of possible future leaders of the PLP called. Someone proferred Mr. Gibson despite his infamous dealings with “Anna”. And Mr, Smith? His behaviour and demeanor in the House is hardly becoming to one who aspires to lead. While I do see some potential in the younger set on both sides they all have a lot of growing up to do. They need to find some role models outside of the present leasership to emulate if they want my vote.
    Some housekeeping: folks not folkes please. Joe and Joe Blow are two different persons. Both PC and HI could no longer support some of the questionable dealings and policies of Sir Lynden and because LOP would brook no such dissention in the ranks, he fired them. h
    He certainly was not a freedom fighter in all aspects of his life. Thanks for your indulgences.

  8. Colbey … The firm went bankrupt and fled the country?.
    All this corruption is done in the name of “INVESTOR.” In my opinion, it is those MPs that gain. How could you give a company $80,000,000 to do a project, then not too long after that company goes bankrupt? That nonsense only happens in America. In China someone was going to face the Firing squad. Maybe that is why Capital Punishment is now being ruled out.

  9. Folkes,

    There is a saying you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    This Traitor Hubert Ingraham as I stated here many,many times that the blame off what is happening now in our country lay at the feet of this FNM government ….they ran a very jazzed up sexy campaign that fooled and made the Bahamian people feel that the PLP was not doing what was right and handling the country in a good manner this of course have proven to turn out wrong……when The Prime Minister stood up there at the rallies and labasted Christie and cried shame on the PLP the Bahamian people ate it all up like good pease soup and dough now we are left with a clueless and tired old man that was not ready to get back into leadership and was clearly out of touch with how diplomacy and business was being handled in today’s world.

    I watched in horror as the returns came in during the election and was strucked by how lies and more lies can realy change peoples mind and that realy opend up my eyes.

    Well right now that is all in the past and the best thing now for our nation is to go forward and do not look back at this time but to use it as a lesson so that we can never get back to this again …so what can we do the first thing we must do is to remove Hubert and his wuthless group of jacklegs out of office and replace them with men and women who cares and have a clear vision for our future ….and if by some chance this happens the first move such a group of newly elected people need to do is ammend the constitution of this country with the following

    1st ammedment limit the term in office of the Prime Minister to Two terms

    2nd ammendment : Declare that the Senate will be an independant body and be elected to office and will no longer be appointed by the Prime Minister and Opposition leader

    3rd ammendment : Create a Capital ofeensive act in which any haness murder or other offence that is committed in the Bahamas once this is declared a capital murder that the only and last court of appeal will be the supreme court of the Bahamas and that no longer will these such cases be heard again in front of the privy council in England.

    This in my view folkes will bring real change to our country and if anyone out there is ready Iam ready to start to campaign for change this mess that has become our country has to come to an end it must end now it is time for all Bahamains black,white,big,small,man,woman to wake up we must change the way our nation is going or I fear that we will soon be a people without one.

  10. But Media, you appreciate my point. The FNM hired foreign consultants and engineering firms to design thoroughfares and seawalls (Charles Saunders Highway comes to mind), the most infamous of which was the firm contracted to reconstruct the former Harrold Road. The firm went bankrupt and fled the country. The incoming PLP restructured the loan and used local talents to get the job done and they did a pretty good job. This demonstrated confidence in the Bahamian people and a commitment to empowerment of the Bahamian people.

    They may not be loudly opposing this latest policy decision by the Ingraham government, but that should not change the strength and nobility of their track record when they were in a position to empower Bahamians.

    I concur with you that the governmnt’s decision to hire a firm from Argentina to perform works that local talents are capable of performing at world class standards appears to be a betrayal of trust and demonstrative of a lack of confience in the Bahamian people they helped to educate and train. When you add the current economic climate in the country and the job needs, the government appears even hypocritical. How many workers and equipment is this Argentinian firm importing on temporary work permits to work on this project? Just a thought!! Bahamian contractors should picket this decision, after all, what are local road builders, CHOPPED LIVER??!!

  11. Rupert, YES! at least HALF of the 110 million will be spent here, or given to Bahamian MP’s.

  12. Mr. Coleby made some grate points in his defence of Mr. Christie, but it reminds me of of a school boy sending his big brother to fight for him after school, in this case it would be the little brother. The fact is that our party, or the party i voted for from the time i was able to vote, has been very poor at public relations and am very disappointed.




  14. When Bradley Roberts was the Minister of Works, he was able to convince the Inter-American Development Bank to allow Bahamian contractors to participate in the New Providence Road Development Program. The Bahamian contractors performed very well on Tonique Williams Highway, Bailou Hill Road expansion, and the extension to the Milo Butler Highway into Carmichael Road; Bahamians first is a PLP mantra and core belief. The PLP government also convinced the IDB to allow Bahamian contractors to design and construct sea walls in New Providence, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Abaco, and Grand Bahama. I see no reason why that policy should not continue. There should be an outcry about that policy decision.

    On the issue of a viable political alternative, Joe Blow, why do you not see the PLP as a viable alternative? They managed the country well between 2002-2007 given the external factors like the economic fallout from 9-11, three devastating hurricanes (Jeane, Francis, and WIlma), and the ill-advised war in Iraq. They reduced unemployment from 10.8% to 6.9% and grew the economy from -1.5% in 2002 to 3.5% in 2006. This was all under the leadership of Christie. What are the difficulties Joe Blow and Wisdom have with the leadship of Perry Christie.

    Grant it, I sense that many Bahamians like a more abrasive leadership style (I am not sure why), but notwithstanding his diplomatic style in governing, Christie was able to get the desired results for the country; we cannot and should not deny him that. I also sense that people want to use propaganda to deny him these successes.

    Some argue that Christie did not “deal” with his ministers when they were caught up in scandals, but Ingraham never dealt with any of his ministers who were involved in scandals (Frank Watson, Brent Symonette, Tommy Turnquest, Dion Foulkes, Sidney Collie, Zhivargo Laing). Just for the record, INGRAHAM DID NOT DEAL WITH SIDNEY COLLIE, THE SUPREME COURT DEALT WITH SIDNEY COLLIE. WHERE WAS INGRAHAM GOING TO GET THE MORAL AUTHORITY AND LEGITIMACY TO CONTINUE TO GOVERN IF HE DID NOT TAKE ACTION AGAINST COLLIE IN THE WAKE OF THE SUPREME COURT RULING??? THE SUPREME COURT RULING FORCED HIS HAND!!! MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!!!

    What in your mind makes Ingraham a strong leader? I know he is loud, uncouth, and boorish; some say malevolent; he likes to call the PLP ill names, and makes a lot of rash and unreasoned decisions, but those traits doth not a strong leader make. The mortagage assistance and the unemployment benefits announcements are just two of the latest. He failed to talk to banks about the mortgage plan before the announcement (don’t know if he had a plan) and he and Laing are yet to mention the need for MANDATORY LEGISLATION AND REGULATIONS BEFORE THEY CAN TAP INTO THE INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT BENEFITS FUND OF THE NIB. This is astounding. As much as the PLP kept indicating in the media the need for legislation, there is no orientation towards this necessary course of action by the FNM government. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!

  15. My point is Wisdom is that 110 million could have been spent here, or given to Bahamian contractors, and a million dollars may not be much to you but to the average Bahamian we may not make that much in our lifetime.

  16. No, two different people. I know the feeling, I am hoping that someone from somewhere come and save us and bring us that change we so need.

  17. Joe, did you take off the “BLOW” of your name. Was it to avoid that billion-dollar question about the LAND IN ANDROS?
    Don’t try to answer it; most Bahamians are getting the picture.

    On the topic of change, Nature has its ways of healing itself. TRUST ME, Change will come!
    I must admit, the past four (4) elections I’ve STRONGLY supported the FNM. However, after a year of analyzing truth, and reading Bahamas Press, my view is changing daily. No I don’t see a way-out with the present PLP. Maybe if Fred ‘Mr. Fox Hill” Mitchell, or Shane “The Bahamian Champion” Gibson or Alfred Sears was to take the lead, I would consider giving the PLP a chance (but they will have to cleen the ship.)
    My final option is to let us try an “ALL WHITE” political party. And cut out all these present MP who serves as “middle-man.”

  18. I hear your cry for change and agree with you, but change to whom? I just don’t see a viable alternative

  19. Rupert, that is $1.1 million dollars per person. Thats small change. We must stop thinking a “MILLION” dollars is a lot of money.
    Professionsl sports is paying 17-19 year old kids $20 million a year.

  20. Once the apprentice of yesterday’s freedom fighters, Prime Minister Hubert A. Ingraham is now indeed the opressor of his own people. Coward.

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