Ingraham knew he wrongly appointed Musgrove



A file photo at Government House after Hubert Ingraham wrongfully appointed Anthony Musgrove to the Senate. Ingraham, like in the recent local government elections, Ingraham  knew he was breaking the law, but did nothing to reverse his actions. Now for a second time in months the Supreme Court has ruled that Ingraham administration has BROKEN THE LAW! Now he has announced that he has written to the treasurer to not pay Musgrove. For a second time Hubert has embarrassed this young torchbearer [THE FIRST TIME WAS DURING THE GENERAL ELECTIONS, WHEN HE BLOCKED MUSGROVE’S BID TO RUN AS THE FNM CANDIDATE IN EXUMA, HANDING IT TO FNM NEWCOMER JOSHUA SEARS] MUSGROVE MUST NOW ACCEPT, INGRAHAM DOES NOT WANT REAL RAISING FNM STARS AROUND!

NASSAU, BAHAMAS: Bahamas Press told you our readers months ago, THAT HUBERT INGRAHAM is NOT A MAN OF THE LAW! The Supreme Court ruled WEDNESDAY, that Sen. Anthony Musgrove, the young FNM vice chairman, was appointed to the Senate WRONGLY.

Now Musgrove, who we felt happy for when he joined the Senate, still does not know Hubert Ingraham. His brushes with INGRAHAM was not good during the last general elections.

And when will person wake-up and discover INGRAHAM does not know LAW! He is a common breaker of the law, AND that is why there is SO MUCH LAWLESSNESS IN THIS COUNTRY! Because  the head of the country is all over the place BREAKING THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY!

He is appointing senators when he knows it is illegal to do so. When foreigners cast ballots in the last election illegally, Ingraham went against the Justice ALLEN ruling and said the process was not flawed! Or  when it comes to terminating the services of contractors, even when an agreement is binding with the government of this country, Ingraham just botches up everything! NOT TO MENTION HIS ILLEGAL PLOT TO CALL LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS WITHOUT PROPER NOTICES. We must remind the public of these incidents because members of the WUTLESS ‘TOILET TISSUE” Media playing dumb as if these thing did not happen.

When we at Bahamas Press follow world history, we identify two men who have these same kinds of governing and lawbreaking traits, Idi Amin, the former President of Uganda, and Robert Mugabe the current President of Zimbabwe. Could these men be the role models of Hubert Ingraham? Ingraham appears to agree with breaking the laws of elections and legislative appointments. And what is his most recent practise of suppressing freedom in the Bahamas? The orders issued by his Gestapo Police, where they – on a daily basis – are investigating members of the opposition?

But who will stop this vicious cycle of lawbreaking by the dictator of this country? Where is the messenger of CHANGE IN THE BAHAMAS? Who, who will raise up and speak out against these ‘VICKED’ lawbreaking traits, by the man who came with the ‘Trust Agenda” to Bahamians? Ingraham appears to be BREAKING LAWS BY THE DAY IN THIS TOWN! And some people are VERY QUIET!

When will we in this country WAKE-UP AND ACCEPT THE FACT WE HAVE ELECTED ANOTHER ROBERT MUGABE and Idi Amin as Prime Minister of the Bahamas?



  1. Is anyone listening to the Senate. Sitting in the chair as Vice President moderating debates in the Senate today is the Chairman of the FNM, Johnnylee Ferguson. Now if the Bahamas ain’t one Conch Salad community I ain’t name. HOW IN THE HELL COULD THE CHAIRMAN OF THE FNM MODERATE FAIR DEBATE IN THE PARLIAMENT OF THE BAHAMAS?

    I mean the same man responsible for creating the message of the FNM as a PARTY is directing the legislature! Boy we gata be one CRAZY SET A PEOPLE TO ACCEPT THAT and say nothing!

    Bahamas Press/EDITOR

  2. Joe Blow I clearly remember Ingraham telling Christie to submit the names. I guess the COMMITTEE was deciding and then biggetty Ingraham chose the names for him.

    Kim, dont sleep on Tommy. I dont think Tommy is as gullible as we think he is. I think he has his own Master Plan to topple this Amin/Mugabe styled Monster.

  3. HI knew that not only could the FNM not win in 2002 but they would get an unbelievable cut a$$, that is the reason he did not run as the leader. Tommy was the favorite of the eastern roaders and was given their blessings and funding. HI did to the FNM during his two terms what George Bush has done to The Republicans during his two terms. The FNM in 2002 just like the Republicans in 2008 could not win regardless of who was the leader. HI will duck again in the next election because he knows the FNM can not win again and likes to brag that he has never been beaten.

  4. objective thought: Ingraham is a very selfish man, who loves praise and worship for himself. He have brainwashed those MPs in his party into believing that he is the glue that holds the party together and Bahamian people loves him so much without him being the leader of the party they can not win an election. At the time when Tommy was chosen to run as the leader in 2002 General Election, he knew Tommy was not capable of leading the FNM to victory. He was laughing to himself and waiting on Tommy to fall flat on his face. He wanted people to believe it was all about him, without him the FNM can not succeed. He know of Tommy weakness, he realize that Tommy did not have the connection he needed from the general public, so he set Tommy up for failure. Poor Tommy so trusting, you know Tommy still respects and believe in this man today. Everybody else could see clearly what Ingraham did to him except Tommy.

  5. Kim, I have never trusted HI since he did what he did to Tommy…

    I always said that what HI did to Tommy was like inviting him to a dinner party at his house to introduce him to all the big boys. Then HI pulled out a chair for him, making him feel really important but when Tommy was about to sit down, HI moved the chair causing him to fall on the ground, making him the laughing stock of the party!!

    That was a nasty thing that HI did to Tommy. I will never forget it!!

  6. Anthony Musgrove must really be upset now seeing that he seemed confident just yesterday that HI will not remove him because he had something to offer this country..

    He seemed not to realize that even HI is not above the law. After HI beat up on PLP about Allyson Gibson’s (the former AG) public outburst with a justice of the court, he could not risk being seen to be doing the same thing with the Chief Justice no less…

    HI wants PC to chose a PLP who he likes!!

  7. In fact I always felt that PC and mother Pratt were too much alike which was the main problem. If PC had a strong backup like BJ, he would have had to deal with those MPs who were out of hand in a timely manner…

    What has amazed me with this govt breaking the law is how they seemed to know the law so good prior to being elected but all of a sudden, they especially HI can’t seem to get it right.

    This leads me to think that HI is deliberately breaking the law…He does not seem to care what anyone says or thinks especially PLPs!!

    It seems as though HI is just acting out of spite and not thinking things through because even I know that he is smater than he has been portraying to the public!!

  8. I cannot understand these FNM supporters..When HI left the scene in 2002, he was the most hated FNM but within 2 years many were calling for his return because they felt that he was better than PC was at that time.

    Actually, most people thought that HI would be better as PM than PC was because they voted him back into office.

    So seeing that HI was the most hated and was able to return as PM, why can’t PC who was not hated but liked by most, return as PM??

    Most people just thought that PC was slow in reacting to issues and that he did not discipline his MPs as promised by him…

    Why do you all put PC and HI in the same class when they are NOTHING alike??

  9. Ingraham always setting people up to fail. I will never forget what he did to Tommy, he did not want him to win that election. It is time people see the wicked one for who he is.

  10. Joe, though I can’t publicize it now, I am certainly doing my part behind the scenes. When I do finally make my move, you guys on here will be among the first to know.

  11. Wow: What don’t you understand about “unfair”, “politricks”,”nonsense”, “get rid of”? I am disgusted with both Partys and both leaders and the “game” of politics that everyone is playing. The Courts ruled H.I. wrong. I agree that all this is nonsense and you and I (Joe Public) are the ones paying the piper and not these two clowns and their elected followers. The question you must answer is what are You doing about it? The same question applies to me. Who is there on the horizon that we can follow?

  12. Joe Blow, stop making excuses for Ingraham blatant disrespect for the Bahamian people. Christie submitted the names and Ingraham decided to reject them. Among the names submitted were Rigby and Treco. I can’t remember the 3rd name at this time. Under no circumstances should Ingraham knowingly break the law, and to make matters worse, the challange to something he knows was wrong is now causing the treasury money! And shouldn’t Musgrove or the FNM have to pay back the salary he has been paid so far?

    On another note, since my return, I have been hearing whispers about a new party forming out of the PLP. Does BP or anyone else have any info on this?

  13. I seem to recall Mr. Ingraham requesting that Christie submit names to him of those in his party that could be appointed to the Senate. For some reason P.C. delayed doing so and H.I. decided for him. Unfortunately he chose to appoint F.N.M. candidates and not P.L.P.s. This was unfair even if he was trying to teach P.C. not to be “late again”! Both sides must stop their “politricks”. Joe public is getting tired of this nonsense and will soon rebel and get rid of the whole “kit and caboodle”. The sooner the better! On another note, let me quote something Fred M said, “One of the things I’ve been seeking to do behind the scenes is to influence his (Obamas) advisors and let them know……..” Fred must be taken to task for interferring with the job of the Minister in charge. It is one thing to comment on current events and quite another to seek to influence (“behind the scenes”)the attitudes or decisions of another country’s leader. He is no longer an official spokesperson for this country and must not overstep his boundaries. STOP IT FRED!

  14. BP, that’s is what the people voted for in the last election, did they really expect anything different? It’s like in the U.S., they voted Bush in for a second term and then want to be surprised at the mess he has the country in when he is just continuing what he started in the first term. The FNM has absolutely no plan for the country besides to fatten the pockets of a few self-interest groups.

    BP is right, Ingraham knew his actions were illegal all along, that is why it took him so long to appoint Musgrove in the first place.

    The funny thing about it is Musgrove is giving interviews stating that he is still a Senator and will return to the chamber will Ingraham is telling the press that he has stopped his pay since Tuesday!

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