Ingraham returns with his record of failure back on the stage of the Fake NATIONAL MOVEMENT!…


A Desperate move by Hubert Minnis to save his weak party…

Hubert Minnis greets Former PM Hubert Ingraham WHO HE ONCE SAID ERA WAS OVER! WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE FNM?

Nassau, Bahamas – After getting rubbed down with lard and milk by a new spiritual advisor, Hubert Ingraham believes it is now ok for him to grace the stage of the Fake National Movement as the days wind down to election day.

Ingraham, you remember, was deeply depressed following the loss of his old spiritual advisor 82 year old Farkhondeh Dorsonvile, who provided him with much spiritual advice during the 92, 97, and 2007 general elections. She died in the great earthquake of Haiti.

She lived in Abaco and was made famous for the words “IRON MEET IRON” back in 1992 as she prepared him for political battle against Pindling.

Farkhondeh Dorsonvile, Ingraham former Spiritual Advisor
The Fake National Movement, in a clear distraction from the national issues and crisis within the FNM, has sought to grab headlines with Ingraham to stave off the momentum of the PLP heading into the General Elections.

FNMs must have forgotten how Hubert Minnis declared the “Ingraham era is over!” during a period in the FNM’s final days in political office which were marred by corruption and scandal, election defeats, massive job losses and unemployment, sale of BTC and public assets and the granting of prime land spaces to 19 wealthy families. Why the FNM seeks to bring papa and his new spiritual advisor into the mix is indeed incredibly beyond understanding.

And all this happens while funds go missing inside the FNM election room….

Meanwhile, has anyone seen the FNM’s deputy leader lately?

WE report yinner decide!