Ingraham’s National Address to the Nation today at 8PM

Hubert Ingraham - Minister of Finance.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham will address the nation on the Government’s New Providence Transformation and Modernization programme on Monday 25 April, 2011 at 8pm on ZNS.

During his address the Prime Minister will report on various major capital works and infrastructural projects inclusive of road works and utility upgrades. The Prime Minister’s national address will be repeated at 8 pm Tuesday 26 April.


  1. Tonight Papa is going to tell all Bahamians how many Easter Money Eggs he laid since 2007 for his financial backers. Papa ain’t even going to hand out no chocolate eggs tonight for the listeners. Government works projects are all on borrowed money and the people’s money will have to repay it back with interest. They are not ongoing economy sustaining quality jobs. Thousands of Bahamians are scrapping to eat and all Papa going tell them tonight is if they reelect his FNM government back to power in 2012 he will guarantee them some food. In the meantime tighten your belt’s and enjoy your yellow Grits and Sardines. Is ZNS going to give Bran and Perry equal time for their rebuttal?

    • Buddy, are you serious? yellow grits and sardine? You from the middle class aye? These poor people can’t afford no yellow grits and sardine, where you get that from? Some of them could hardly afford to buy a pack of Ramen noodles.

      • Man Kim I tell ya it bad. I see the child eating noodles, the Mah eating the water from the noodles and the daddy washing the plate. IT IS BAD!


        • lol!!! BP, I am telling you, I believe you know how long, I was trying to post my comment. I had to say something on that, because right now yellow grits and sardine is almost like a delicacy for most Bahamians. Those Ramen noodles are coming in very handy and you still can’t afford to buy everybody their own pack, its sad.

  2. The Bahamian people that are alive today 2011 will not live long enough to see a Prime Minister that can fill Hubert’s shoes nor one who thinks about the poor and underprivileged and tries to help them as much as is humanly possible.
    If the PLP had been in power for the past 4 yrs. during this recession the amount of people that have suffered would have been TRIPLED and only a few who new how to get in the Cookie Jar would have survived.

    • Pinder, Go wake up and smell the brewed Aloe leaves. The FNM ain’t worth **** when it dry!


  3. Wow!!!! What can he say? Answer the questions, What you government intend to offer for an immediate solution(s) to all these guns on the streets? As PM /government what are the plan for education and recruitment in the Bahamas and Immigration of illegal person here?
    We do not want to hear no political talk and no mud slinging.
    What future you have for the Bahamas now that BTC is sold boy that a hard one eh.

  4. the prime minister is about to speak on capital developments, yes i know we need them i also realize that any thing that is not properly maintain breaks down the people at the ministry of works should produce a maintainance schedule that is workable and not an election gimmick, what i want to hear tonight is the promotion and hiring freeze is about to be lifted remember another bacth of students are leaving school in june,my son left school in 2009 and still can not find employment speak to these issues

  5. It is about time. Maybe now, he will tell us the public the solution he and his party had for crime, during the campaign for the last election. Maybe now, he will tell us the plan for getting our people back to work. Maybe now, he will explain why it was so urgent to sell BTC for pittens, in spite of the cries of the people. I truly hope he is now ready to tell us Bahamians why we are not good enough to run our own country.

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