Insurance bosses mad after Baha mar staff blabbed on rude foreigner

Philip Smallwood

NASSAU| The bosses of a foreign insurance executive are upset that Baha Mar employees leaked the details of an outrageous incident involving the British man-child, who aimed a profanity-laced rant at servers after they failed to serve him vegan dessert at the GAMA awards banquet last week.

Instead of chastising Sales Director Philip Smallwood for his unacceptable and unprofessional behavior, his bosses have become investigators and are trying to identify the Baha Mar servers who shared their nightmarish ordeal on social media.

Voice-notes recounting the incident, that happened last Friday night, went viral on social media.

Smallwood stormed into the mega resort’s kitchen and unleashed ten pound words on staff after he didn’t get vegan dessert at the banquet held to celebrate top performers in the local insurance industry. He refused to leave the staff only area until he got what he wanted.

However, it turns out, Friday’s incident wasn’t the first time Baha Mar workers were on the receiving end of Smallwood’s obnoxious behavior.

According to staff, he was rude to them and used inappropriate language all week during the GAMA conference which preceded the banquet.

Smallwood joined the company in question as a Sales Director in 2016 after working in the financial services industry in the United Kingdom for over 40 years.

Though he learned a lot about finances during his decades-long career, he clearly has a lot to learn about human decency and respect.