Investigators examine footage of what transpired around the Magistrate Complex during that party where a relative connected to a crime boss was invited!


BP BREAKING UPDATE| Perhaps we now know why people’s files in the courts go missing. After strangers are invited to the courtroom party, all kinds of foolishness go down.

BP understands every member of the police Cellblock staff under the direction of Supt. Kirk Douglas collected their letters of transfer out of the Courts after one of the nastiest drunken charades unfolded to the surprise of the Chief Justice Brian Moree.

BP understands guests were invited into the party including a woman who is connected to a dangerous crime family, and who is employed with government. WHAT IN DA HELL WAS SHE DOING AROUND THE FILES?

Meanwhile, BP’s top source on the case tells us, “BP, no stones will go unturned. We have a duty to protect the system and this will be the last time such a national embarrassment and disgrace happens like this at that complex.”

We understand investigators are scanning footage of the complex to examine exactly what happened inside and outside the party.

We report yinner decide!