NewCo Aliv told potential customers your old phones cannot work on their system….????

NewCo new Rainbow tent comes alive.
NewCo new Rainbow tent comes alive.

Nassau, Bahamas – After weeks and months of quiet as to when NewCo aka Aliv mobile will come on the market, finally a voice appeared from behind the dark curtain and appeared on Issues of the Day to tell us what they might be about. But is NewCo Aliv or is it Dead On Arrival with inferior phones?

During that interview, representatives of the company told the public they are ready and that by next week when they finally launch, the public will be surprised. But is that really the case?

On Friday 30th September, 2016, NewCo announced it was on for the public to apply to use NewCo’s services. And, although no office was open, they told the public the phone would cost consumers $500 per month.

And when visiting Cable Bahamas’ main office in the Mall at Marathon, potential customers were being told the service is not ready!

Today it appears the September 30th release by Damian Blackburn dem was a lie and now that the $500 per month has burned customer confidence, NewCo might not be Aliv but dead!

From their interview on the radio show,, residents learned NewCo Aliv has no small business package ready and customers were told, “Don’t bring ya old phone because it will not work” with their system.

Sounds like dey done dead to us.

We report yinner decide!