Is WSC funding the care packages dropped on the ground in LONG ISLAND?

WsC Union Boss Dwayne Woods and the juvenile Chairman Adrian Gibson.

NASSAU| For more than a year now Bahamas Press has been warning the Minnis Administration about concerns coming out of the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

We warned how a juvenile, in the person of Adrian Gibson, is running that corporation into the ground. The morale is low and key people in positions to properly manage the financial prudence of the Corporation are absent.

WSC has no Internal Control and Compliance Executive. It has no Chief Financial Officer. It is void of a senior manager for the Credit and Collections department of the corporation. In short, with all these key positions missing, oversight at WSC, we are certain when the next Government takes office an AUDIT of the finances, must be closely examined and looked at.

You see, since coming to office, Adrian Gibson has levied the rankest forms of abuse against staff. Who was not placed on suspension was quickly dismissed, all in an attempt to centralize power of WSC where everyone is answerable to him. He is no team player. He is intimidated by knowledge! Gibson appears, from the way he runs the Corporation, to be afraid of the institutional wisdom a good functioning WSC must have to maintain water quality across the country!

Just recently, BP’s eyes and ears on the ground got word that some care packages have landed in the community of Long Island to assist the residents in this deep depressing time of COVID-19.

And as these care packages arrive, we just wonder if the items sponsored by the coffers of the WSC?

Is WSC paying for items like food and/or supplies to assist residents in the constituency of its Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson? Inquiring minds want to know!

Remember what we say now: WSC has no real senior executive in place to monitor its purse, so how will we know how its funds are being spent if there are no proper financial controls in place?

We want to remind readers how bags went missing inside the WSC cashier’s cage before! And we also want to remind you how, at the Mall office, which GIBSON opened, funds were removed off clients’ accounts at that location! Who is monitoring the purse at WSC with all these positions vacant?


We report yinner decide!