It is no wonder no investor wants to invest in the Bahamas – JUST LOOK AT WHAT HAS BEEN ALLOWED AGAINST PETER NYGARD!!!


Why was PM Hubert Minnis in the Chat Group of Save The Bays???

PM Hubert Minnis, Justice Roy Jones and Peter Nygard.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is getting a report that the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard and granted him a stay of execution of the 90-day custodial sentence until the hearing of his appeal.

The Bahamas has gone deep into the business of intimidating through the courts its global investors and for years now the investor and second homeowner Peter Nygard has been bastardized and treated with contempt in the Bahamas. This should serve as a warning to all potential investors as to what can happen to them when you invest in the Bahamas!

The ruling was handed down on Wednesday by Justice Roy Jones and it stops the execution of the 90-day custodial sentence so that Nygard can fully argue his appeal before the court.

“Mr. Nygard compliance with the court’s orders in this case, even at this late stage, show in my view, willingness to respect the courts processes and some remorse for past behaviour,” Justice Jones said.

“For all these reasons, and to remove any risk of unfairness I grant Mr. Nygard a stay of execution of the 90-day custodial sentence until the hearing of his appeal in this court.”

Justice Jones added that Nygard has so far partially purged his contempt by paying the court the fine of $150,000 and $15,000 representing the daily amount to be paid while the fine remains outstanding “He has also provided an apology to the court below and given an undertaking not to breach the injunction in the future.

Undoubtedly, the giving by Mr. Nygard of the undertaking, apology, and explanation with the payment of the $150,000 fine, can be reversed on a successful appeal. It is self-evident that serving a 90- day sentence cannot be undone,” Justice Jones said.

Justice Jones held that “being out of the jurisdiction and urgency are unsatisfactory reasons justifying the trial judge’s decision to dispense with personal service in committal proceedings. There is no evidence that the applicant evaded personal service.”

Last month, Nygard’s attorneys filed an urgent stay of execution pending appeal after he was found in contempt of court and sentenced to 90 days in prison.

A Notice of Motion for stay of execution pending appeal was filed, which asked the Court of Appeal to pause Nygard’s proceedings in the Supreme Court and stop the execution of orders until a full appeal is heard.

The Notice of Motion said, “Take notice that the Court of Appeal will be moved so soon as Counsel can be heard on behalf of the above-named appellant, Peter John Nygard, on an application for stay of execution of the entirety of the decisions or orders of the Learned\ Madam Justice Ruth Bowe-Darville, given October 10, 2019 and November 15, 2019 during the impeachment proceedings in the court below whereby the learned judge ordered found the appellant to be in contempt and sentenced him to prison (inter alia) pending the hearing of the appellant appeal to this honourable court or as the court may deem appropriate.”

Nygard was sentenced for contempt of court in a case concerning the theft of emails from the advocacy group Save The Bays. And the question remains who services SAVE THE BAYS and why is PM Hubert Minnis in their chat?

We report yinner decide!