Italian and Bahamian female, captured with cocaine at Cartagena airport in Colombia

Among those captured is a citizen of the Bahamas Emma-Jean Fitzgerald who intended to travel to Panama. She you would recall along with her mother Claudette Smith were officially charged with conspiracy to commit murder and murder, even though Keith Russell Cooper aka ‘Fat Head’ body has yet to be found. POLICE COURTESY PHOTO    

COLOMBIA| The anti-narcotics dogs of the Cartagena Police identified two shipments of cocaine that foreign citizens intended to take from Colombia to Panama.  

According to official reports, one of the dogs named Orion approached the suitcases of an Italian citizen who was in the airport waiting room. “The animal gave the signal and the citizen was transferred to the reflection room, where the uniformed thoroughly checked each of the garments,” reads the report. 

In the insoles of six pairs of shoes, the police found two kilograms of camouflaged cocaine.  Later, the same agents inspected the suitcase of a citizen of the Bahamas and, after being scanned, detected a double bottom in which several kilos of cocaine were camouflaged. 

“The National Police made foreigners available to the Attorney General’s Office and is carrying out an investigative process to establish who is behind this drug trafficking network,” the entity said in a statement. 

So far this year 17 people, including six foreigners, have been captured with 35 kilos of drugs and 813 doses of synthetic drugs at the Cartagena airport. The destinations most desired by drug traffickers are, according to the Police, Panama and Amsterdam.