PS in Works openly launches attack in restaurant at lying Desmond Bannister!

Works Ministry

NASSAU| Government’s Ministry of Works Permanent Secretary was overheard at a local restaurant losing her religion as she told off Omar Archer with a piece of her mind.

Antoinette Thompson, PS for Works, was ruthless in her words as she blasted “Lying” Desmond Bannister in front of Omar Archer who was having lunch with his Caucasian male guest from Europe.

The loud conversation scene inside the restaurant was over the individual out of a Family Island community that the PS was instructed to hire at $35,000 a year. The said hire has no formal education. 

But what was shocking was the fact that Thompson and Bannister hired Archer, who has a criminal conviction, and was hired in the Ministry of Works as registrar under the Construction Contractors Act. Archer had been officered a job as Head of Security at BAIC. Imagine a convicted criminal overseeing law abiding Bahamians!

Former Press Secretary Ace Newbold could not offer an explanation to the press as to how Archer got the job in Works nor could he explain what qualifications he had in order to police law abiding contractors in the country! But, hey, PM Hubert Minnis is running a criminal government so who cares these days! All the rules are out the window.

Anyway, PS Thompson was loudly sharing with Archer and his white male guest her disgust with the government and she did not care who overheard them.

Meanwhile, BP was live on the scene, ordering rounds of Tequila as we develop this story.

PS Thompson is being transferred to the Ministry of Transport this Tuesday and will become the 5th PS to serve under Minister Wells in 2 years. Current PS in Transport, Cora Colebrooke, will leave Transport to take up service under “Lying” Desmond.

We report yinner decide!