What has happened with the Bus Unification project under Renward Wells’ Ministry? He has nothing to say about it!

Minister Renward “FIRE BAHAMIANS” Wells gave order to fire Bahamians at BAIC!

NASSAU| There are some serious questions that must now be asked about the leadership of the Minister for Transport Renward Wells.

Since Wells became a Cabinet Minister, some five Permanent Secretaries have either left or transferred from under his leadership and you must ask the question: Were they all concerned or uncomfortable with the work ethic and practices of the Minister?

Everyone must remember how Wells is the only Cabinet Minister in the history of the Cabinet with a documented doping record when he was an athlete representing the Bahamas.

The Bamboo Town MP is the only junior MP in the history of the Parliament to have signed a Letter of Intent without any authority of the Cabinet in the case of the City Dump LOI with the crooked waste management company. And we know his actions caused even Hubert Minnis, while Opposition Leader, to become concerned about his behavior.

The Bamboo Town MP has yet to explain what really went down with that LOI and account to the public if he collected funds for his actions.

Meanwhile, residents are still concerned about the Ministry of Transport’s decisions on the management proposed for the Prince George Wharf. Everyone in Cabinet, including Wells, remains quiet. SECRET DEALS!

Everyone and their mah wants to get the details on the scandalous crooked lease agreement between then-Cabinet Minister Brent Symonette and Wells, Minister for the General Post Office – Wells say he is not disclosing the lease. WHY?

And BP wonders what is the current status of the Bus Unification Project that only two persons are said to be working on inside Wells’ Ministry. When will it be up and running? Minister Wells has nothing to say on this, and, well, here is another case where the public is being kept in the dark!

Is Wells accountable and transparent – as the FNM Government claimed they would be when elected?

We report yinner decide!