Its Dr. Minnis and Loretta! BP’s number one and two for the FNM!


Loretta Butler Turner is now deputy leader of the FNM

Loretta Butler-Turner is now Deputy Leader of the FNM

Nassau, Bahamas — Loretta Butler-Turner, newly elected MP for Long Island, is on a roll and just minutes ago was elected as the next Deputy Leader of the FNM.

The former Minister of State for Social Services was Bahamas Press’ ENDORSED candidate for the race. And today we congratulate her on her victory.

Last night Hubert Ingraham joined Loretta in a pre-convention party, timed for last minute swing voters.

After a nasty campaign against her in the Tribune earlier this week, BP urged that it was time for a woman, a real sexy woman, to take hold of the number two post in the FNM.

We were not looking at the rest of jokers and sore losers who vied for the post but could not even make it to Parliament.

Today is also a celebration for BP because our most popular MP in the FNM, Dr. Hubert Minnis, became the Leader of the Party. BLESS THE NAME OF THE LORD!

And what makes the FNM more attractive is the fact that they dumped and delivered a cut hip to Carl Bethel, who lost the Chairman race to Charles Maynard. Now get this, we ain’t excited about the Pillsbury election, but voters listened and gave Bethel just what we ordered and sent him back home with no powers or seat in the FNM!

There is celebration at BP tonight as our team can declare VICTORY! [FLASHING VICTORY SIGN]

We report yinner decide!