Jan. 10th is time for Celebrating, but today we mourn!


Nassau, Bahamas: There is a chapter written in Bahamian history that tells the story of the rise of our people. Where they had broken out of the shackles of slavery and injustice, which gave birth a nation called the Bahamas, where black leadership ruled the majority. The date of that ascension was January 10th, 1967, when the Bahamian BLACK Moses and his Progressive Liberal Party delivered a MAJORITY RULE government to the people of this country.

Today we celebrate that achievement of our people, then led by Lynden Oscar Pindling. Yet some 42 years later, the national radio station is constantly promoting a journey to the United States to celebrate a foreign achievement whilst forgetting OUR OWN. And in the spirit of GREED, they are using this national forum – which should be educating our people of this LANDMARK achievement – for someone’s own personal benefit. LOOK WHAT WE HAVE COME TO!

Today we are saddened to see this ‘BLINDED LOST’ of insight by our very own. And orchestrated by people in this country, who would do everything to erase the past by over promoting the present. Today we are sad to see one generation later, with the explosion of media in this country, the names of PINDLING, BUTLER, WHITEFIELD, BRENNEN, FAWLKES, BAIN, and scores of others who oversaw this ‘delivery of freedom’ are hushed in death and unmentioned on this day by those with the responsibility to communicate and write history. The ‘TOILET PAPER’ Tribune carried NOT A WORD about this day on its front page. And the ‘old maid’ of that rag sheet, could not find her pen to write another LIE against TRUTH, and so she used a foreign editorial this day to talk about a White House Lunch, but we are not surprised.

But we wonder when many ask our young people WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM? The answer is simple, WE AS A PEOPLE have LOST IN THE BARREL OF MEMORY THE PAST to live in the present, feeding on FALSE ANNOUNCEMENTS AND LIES by the people we believe hold our TRUST! We as a nation have not TRUELY HONOURED OUR DEAD, and have silenced the struggles of many of our SONS and Daughters, who sacrificed their lives for this country and its present generation.

There is a price for freedom, and in our failure to memorialize it, there is also the possibility of losing it. Today, Bahamas Press pauses to remember this GREAT STORY OF THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE, who delivered a great chapter in the pages of this country.

This was the DAY we rose to freedom! This was the DAY The Bahamas saw its First Black Premier! Indeed the BLACK MOSES who ushered in higher Education for our people, and expanded the wealth of our citizens. This was the day we saw true, TRUE empowerment delivered 42 years ago for The Bahamian people, which ushered in black Bankers and Black Bank Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Teachers, Doctors, NEW Businessmen and women, Artisans and Contractors who began to have place and ownership in their country! It was a QUIET REVOLUTION WHICH STILL TO THIS DAY, IS A MODEL FOR WORLD!

This was the day we saw the dove descended on The Bahamas and prospered this LAND! Today we ask the question, as our current leader and his former law-partner attempt to rip this chapter out of the Bahamian storybook, SELLING OUR LAND and FIRING THE MEN AND WOMEN THAT IT WAS GIVEN TO, ARE WE STILL FREE?



  1. Time permitting I will likely do so. I must enquire if your problem is with all media or mainly The Tribune? I recall our own TV station ZNS was horrendously biased for over two decades while the PLP were in power. Surely we should be grateful to some extent that our present administration, for opening up our airwaves and FINALLY offering Bahamians freedom of speech. Thankfully the internet has made this all a moot point now. PEACE

  2. Poorman we invite you to read the site. Look at the comments and get an idea of the family who frequent this. That will give you a better detail scope of where we are on issues.

    OUR #1 problem is the WUTLESS MEDIA in this country which is allowing the nation to trip over with issues one after the other.


  3. I notice you enjoy making comments like “pinhead” taken from big time conservative Bill O’Reilly from Fox network, so you are no doubt a fellow most interested in politics.

    It’s all about politics my friend, and always has been. None of you can truly claim to be “unbiased”, and when a political party comes to the forefront that truly has the Bahamian people’s interests at heart, I will be salivating. I am neither FNM or PLP and after 30 years here, when that particular party appears on the horizon, I promise to apply for citizenship and not a moment before. I am therefore not your enemy, but merely a curious resident of a nation in turmoil. In three decades I have admired it’s people, but have yet to see them stand up against the unfair practices of cronyism, always a path to destruction in a country this small. Happily, I have observed most of our citizens and residents are not proponents of anarchy. Having made this statement I admit I have not fully read your site, so please enlighten me further by telling me, “What is your agenda?” Do you promote equal opportunity for all, or merely those who fall into the category which has your approval?

  4. Well “POORMAN” it is clear you have come to quiet our message, and have not truely been reading this blog. However we advise you that this too is good. For as you would notice, Bahamas Press is for ALL, those that agree with us and those that challenge our arguments.

    We CENSURE NO one and we appreciate your opposing views to ours as an expression of FREE SPEACH! This is something the ‘Toilet Paper Tribune’ and the Bahamas Information Service does not uphold in this country!

    We have a story now coming to our office where they all have attempted to silence another website in this country. Can you image that? The POLICE, The Tribune, The Government and WICKED OPERATORS OF JOURNALISM ALL TOGETHER WORKING TO SILENCE A YOUNG WEBSITE in the Bahamas! IT IS AMAZING INDEED!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  5. Wake up! You are living in the past. It is immoral to want to divide our nation, over 40 years hence. Bahamians are well aware of their heroes and what they achieved, but are now looking to the future and leaders who have learned from the mistakes of their predecesors. Most will ignore your comments as they look forward in hope

    This is no time to bring up negative messages and incite divisive behaviour in those who may be disillusioned due to financial problems afecting the entire free world. We must unite and strive to love and encourage one another regardless of age, class or color. Pray tell what YOU have done to assist others in the community, while spouting such bitter rhetoric? If you are active in your church, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or have donated funds regularily to local charities, I humbly apologise. What has made you angry? I suggest you take that emotion and channel the resulting energy into doing good for those less fortunate than yourself. I do not claim to be one, but those persons in this world who have been true “humanitarians” NEVER expected accolades. Move on like the rest of us, and remember the past with fondness, since we celebrate those we love and admire in our hearts EVERY day. May God bless you and give comfort to your troubled heart.

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