Gas Containers Filling Up, Is this a Terror Plot or Persons Breaking Law?


gas-issueNassau, Bahamas: A visit at the Esso Bargain City gas station on Carmichael Road one would discover the best-kept secret in New Providence. The station has the lowest gas prices in the country. However, upon closer inspection, you would find something sinister taking place.

Whilst uniformed police officers are on duty nightly, which guard a grocery store near the station, some patrons are collecting gas in containers BREAKING THE LAW, whilst putting others at risk.

It is against the law for any person to fill “unapproved containers” with gasoline, but yet this station appear to allow, in front of uniform police officers, scores of persons to fill gas into unapproved containers.

Ministry of Works officials, who have oversight of this issue, would find many residents at this station filling up gas in steal canisters, glass bottles, plastic bottles and garbage drums all throughout the day and evening at the station.

On yesterday upon visiting, we discovered whilst police officers looked on, a man began filling 6 plastic drums on a flatbed truck with gasoline. If this is AGAINST THE LAW, as our sources have advised in the industry, why is this happening at a station in public view? The rule, which governs this infraction by gas stations, also empowers an inspector of the ministry to “CLOSE THE STATION DOWN, IF SUCH ILLEGAL ACTIONS PERSISTS!”

Bahamas Press is concerned with all this LAWLESSNESS TAKING PLACE IN THIS COUNTRY, and with GLOBAL TERROR rules now in place to avoid such illegal actions, when will we in this country come to terms with the fact that failing to follow the rules will one day lead to terror here in this Bahamas.

What will we then do when on ‘PINHEAD’ decides to fill 50 drums with gasoline and place in an area to harm residents or guest coming to this country?

A station operator told Bahamas Press that the filling of drums is the regular practice of two elements in the country, “Many times these drums are used to facilitate drug runners who move to stations in the middle of the night and fill their containers to make their run.

And some others are part of the illegal smuggling trade. They fill these containers with gas to move in their vessels in the dead of night,” the operator said.

“It is against the law to dispense gas in unapproved containers, and yes, an operator can have his station closed if this infraction is made,” he concluded.

Now we know the danger, let’s see how long this practice will continue, right in front of uniformed officers, before a national disaster takes place.


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  2. Kim: Glad you are back! Missed your questioning insight and “down to earth comments.” You have to read some of the responses to some of the other articles posted here to understand the nuances in play. Suffice it to say someone’s nose “is out of joint” over a compliment to others and some constructve ctiticism that followed. Welcome back, my dear.

  3. Yes, but that’s politics and politicians switch parties all the time.Both parties have examples of that and those person all said negative things about the other side at that time. As far as Kenyatta never being able to run for the PLP, what makes him any different from the rest. He only said publicly what the rest of them say in private.

  4. I would have no problem with Kenyatta if he joins the FNM because he is NEVER run for the PLP again.. This would only prove how decietful he is… He said that he could never follow HI and that PC is the best man for the job and this was at the last convention that the PLP held prior to the election!!

    Kenyatta’s word mean NOTHING so I wish the FNM good luck if he joins them!!

  5. Just heard from other media folks that Kenyatta Gibson has joined the FNM and story will appear tomorrow. He did say he couldn’t serve under PC and it sure looks like he (PC) is there until they take him out kicking and sreaming.

  6. Maybe I miss something, but I don’t understand some of the comments that were made towards media, I see this topic as a very important issue, I am glad that BP saw fit to discuss it. Plenty people do not understand the potential harm of storing gasoline in improper containers. If these containers come in contact with heat of any source, can you imagine the kind of damage that could cause? Are we going to wait until one of these containers that were not designed to hold gasoline burn down a whole neighbor before we try to do anything about it? Gas Station owners and its employees should know better than to allow people to use any container to put gasoline in and stations that are breaking the laws should be dealt with.

  7. Morehands: Exercise patience please. Eventually Media will realize we are only trying to help him in his quest to be a better and unbiased journalist. He need not sensationalize stories to get his points across nor does he need to call out derogatory names. We have a role to play here, you and I and perhaps Poorman. I thank you for exercising your right to constructively criticize and bring forth pertinent information to all of us.” All we need is deep within ourself, waiting to unfold.”

  8. @media
    it is a good thing that I don’t practice profanity because asinine final comments like yours is definitely warranting of a few three and four letter words.

  9. With all the serious criminal activity going on these days – this is the most distressing you can come up with right now? Gas stations should be encouraged to use video cameras on their premises and any infraction resulting in a crime would hopefully be discovered. Cameras would also discourage employees from ignoring unsafe practices. This is obviously (as usual) just plain “slackness” and nothing more sinister.

  10. I think you’re missging the point, The CONTAINER MUST BE APPROVED BY THE MINISTRY OF WORKS. Now anyone can guess what is approved, but we have witnessed more than plastic containers being used. All kinds of drums rust ones and clear plastic ones. Barrels, steel, plastic and glass are being filled and done without proper approvals to fill such containers. The station can be ordered to close, that is what we are saying here. In other words, ITS A FREE for all, whether your container is one approved or NOT, it is being filled without regard for the rules. NOW OU GET IT? MUST WE SPELL OUT IN DETAIL TO YOU ALL THE TIME WHAT WE ARE SAYING? Are we not clear in our commentary? Geeeee!

    Besides that, Morehand and Joe Blow, Hubert must pay you guys well, you monitor this website better then our administrator. LOL!

    Bahamas Press

  11. When since is a metal or heavy plastic oil drum become an illegal fuel container? Unapproved containers refer to plastic and glass bottles and jugs which can easier break, leak or degrade after time. If your sensationalized, over exaggerated, instigating story is correct, then the containers that Kellys, John S George, AID and gas stations themselves sell are illegal. They are made of even cheaper plastic.

    The blue plastic drum shown in the picture, as long as it can properly seal and free of rust and degradation, is an approved storage/transport container to gasoline, diesel, kerosine, etc.

    A garbage drum is only a garbage drum after you cut the head open the top of the barrel to put garbage inside. In that case, then it will be unapproved for storing petroleum.

    What other mode of fuel storage/transport do you propose for heavy equipment operators, fishing boat operators, and sort? I guess they all need their own fuel truck right?

    Oh, you don’t need 55 gallon drums to create a petroleum-based bomb. You just need petroleum. 55 single gallon plastic bottles will work just the same, maybe even better, because you can sneak them into place for efficiently.

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