John Bostwick had live rounds of ammunition in his bag at Freeport Airport Saturday….He must now resign and save the image of his party…


A BP SPECIAL REPORT >>> An ambulance had to be called for Bostwick as he began to act ‘strange’ at CID

John Bostwick arraigned using his coat to hide his cuffs. Photo by Nassau Guardian Torrell Glinton.

Bostwick must resign his Senate seat while an investigation into this matter of ammunition is probed by the police….Nottage had a gun! Bell had a gun! But now that Bostwick was found with ammunition – every member of the press is dumbfounded…???

Bostwick could damage the Party if he stays in Senate.

Nassau, Bahamas – What could it be that perhaps family members in the Bostwick clan know about John Bostwick Jr. that no one in the public knows? A closer look into a BP investigation suggests that all is not well in the head of the politician and the recent arrest is painting an even clearer picture of the FNM’s former Bains and Grants Town candidate in the 2012 general elections.

Bostwick, a lawyer by profession, was appointed to the Senate following the resignation of defeated FNM candidate and Senator Zhivargo Laing in January 2013. Some believe Bostwick was a fresh new face. And if you don’t believe us, just ask Dr. Myles Munroe who, in an interview, claimed that someday he [Bostwick] could be leader of the FNM. If Myles only know what we know, he would rethink those comments.

What we now know, though, is still concerning, and may suggest that, as a Member of the Upper House, he is in deeper trouble than meets the eye.

Sources in this investigation confirm the young FNM Senator passed through the X-ray machine around 7:20 pm on Saturday and was asked to step aside by a security officer. Initially he had placed his bag carrying the ammunition on the belt then attempted to remove it according to sources. By that time a security personal advised for the bag to remain as it was placed for scanning.

With all cameras on at the airport, the Senator was then asked if his carry on was his. He responded in the affirmative. He was then asked to remove the contents of his pack and there, lo and behold, the contents – including the ammunition – was removed.

More questions were asked of the Senator, who at this time was asked to identify the item of concern. Again, positively affirming to members of border security what was on display, the young Bostwick was then placed under arrest.

Bahamas Press has learnt some 10 witnesses will be called by the Crown in the upcoming case to affirm the same, and, from what we know, LIVE CC TV footage at the airport has already been captured to confirm the same in this investigation.

But what was even more serious was what unfolded when the 42-year-old Senator was taken to CID on Thompson Blvd. As questioning was starting by the investigating officer, BP has learnt the FNM politican began looking confused.

Recording in this session proved that that man who Dr. Myles said could lead the FNM began complaining of tightness in the chest and proceeded to take off his shirt.

By this time, the Senator began strangely squatting and stretching himself on the floor, wildly praying as if he’d became possessed; quoting segments of scriptures as if he was chanting some spiritual ritual.

This is concerning because we believe every Member of Parliament must and should be of sound mind, which now brings us to the heart of our report.

Could Bostwick Jr. be attempting to play out here some insanity plea after realizing he is now in deep trouble? Anyone who has followed politics in the Bahamas with institutional memory like Bahamas Press would remember a former client of the Bostwicks named Enrique Alvarez, who walked out of jail in the middle of the night after being placed under psychiatric evaluation by a judge. That client, who had a child witnessed by the politicians, fled the capital in the dead of night while the country slept -along with the WUTLESS MEDIA.

This is deep. This is serious. This is troubling.

Bahamas Press wonders why though, a crime which may have been committed on Grand Bahama, has the suspect brought before the courts in Nassau?

We wonder why now taxpayers must transport some 10 witnesses for the crown into the Capital for the case?

We wonder if, like everyone else having been released on bail for similar offenses, he also is now fitted with an electronic bracelet?

And we would like to know if the Bostwicks’ defense strategy would now support an insanity plea, when everyone knows people with such conditions cannot sit in Parliament? This should concern us all.

And this is a simple case. All evidence [FINGERPRINTS and tracing] of these ammunition should hold sufficient conclusive evidence to speak the truth in this case. Whose FINGERPRINTS ARE LEFT ON THE AMMUNITION locked inside the clip should reveal more and be damning.

Bahamas Press believes John Bostwick Jr. must save the face of his party and resign immediately before every time someone hears that a weapon is being shopped they start looking on the FNM side of the Senate.

And finally we wonder how is it a few months ago every member of the media was out and about fanning hysteria in the press how Nottage had a gun, Bell had a gun, but now that Bostwick was found with ammunition – every member of the press is dumbfounded…

Boy I tell ya – If ya don’t laugh you will cry…WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?

We report yinner decide…