Johnson Reminded Young Bahamians How Branville and the FNM Cancelled Government Loan Guarantee Programme

PYL Chairman marches with thousands of workers trumped by a WUTLESS FNM Government.

Remarks by Keenan Johnson
National Chairman
Progressive Young Liberals
Eastern Region Conclave


The theme for this conclave is It’s about you! I want to take you on a trip down memory lane for a few minutes. While I do that I would like for you to ask yourselves a question. For the past 4 years, has it really been about you?


It was 2007, and you heard the now Prime Minister and the Minister of National Security lambaste the PLP for what they deemed was a poor approach to crime. Yet, in 2006, the last full year of PLP governance, the murder count was 61!

Every year since 2007, there has been a new murder record. And today, only 7 months into the year, we have already passed the murder count for the whole of 2006.

In May of 2007 the Minister of National Security promised a visionary crime fighting plan for the country by the end of that year. PLPs, it is now 2011 and I have yet to see any plan!

They gutted Urban Renewal and dumped Swift Justice, and replaced these innovative, award-winning policies with….NOTHING.

So I ask you…has it really been about you?

Keenan S.P. Johnson, PYL Chairman

Likewise, they were too proud to admit that the PLP initiative to put police in schools was a great idea. So they kept the police out of the schools while countless criminal acts were reported and dozens of students injured.

Finally, after the reports on student crime piled up so high that even this government couldn’t ignore them, they agreed to put some police back in the schools.

So I ask you… has it really been about you?


To tell you the truth, there is no shortage of times this FNM government has failed to put you first.

A few years ago the then Minister of Education traveled to Grand Bahama to visit Eight Mile Rock High School, where he found the Bahamas Union of Teachers waiting to meet with him. He disrespected the teachers, walking out on them simply because he did not have advance notice.

So I ask you…has it really been about you?

In the FNM 2007 Manifesto, it states, and I quote, “We will expand and simplify the Government Loan Guarantee Programme…”

2 years later, as many students were preparing to go abroad to school for the first time, this FNM government cancelled the same programme that they promised they would expand and simplify.

So I ask you…has it really been about you?

Civil Service
Just last year, this government had ZNS workers waiting inhumanely, wondering if the future would see them employed. Workers who were employed at ZNS for 20+ years were embarrassed because they were escorted off the premises by police officers.

Then this year they sold BTC to a company with one of the worst employee relationship records in the region. The Prime Minister of this country said that if Bahamians were to own BTC, it would be run down in 30 days.

So I ask you…has it really been about you? Is this a government that believes in you, a government that believes in the Bahamas?

With all these failures, Bahamians are understandably looking for change.

But Bahamians – be careful! There are those who describe themselves as change, but are really more of the same!

So Mr. McCartney I just have a few questions for you. Where have you been all these years, while the FNM has failed in such a big way? Why did you just find your voice now, with elections close? Did your conscience not bother you as your government and your party failed time and again to fight crime? Where were you when your government was handing out favors to special interests but raising taxes on Bahamians?

We think that in your case Mr. McCartney, it isn’t about US Bahamians so much as it is about YOU.

We aren’t distracted by the DNA…we’re focused on the real challenge, the battle for our nation’s future.

Visionary Governance
Bahamians, a visionary government is one who implements programmes such as urban renewal to reach out to young Bahamians before they begin a life of crime!

A visionary government is one who puts in place anchor projects that would provide employment to Bahamians (not foreigners) for years to come and throughout all of the islands of the Bahamas.

A visionary government is one who is all about you!

And after that bell is rung, and it is all said and done, The PLP will once again provide that governance for you!

But I want now take this opportunity to speak to our honorable leader Mr. Christie. Mr. Christie, you have the full support of the Progressive Young Liberals as we go into this general election. We honor your service, your achievements, and your deep commitment to all Bahamians.

You have always kept your door open to us – and tonight we present you with a list of priorities for young Bahamians:

1. 10,000 publicly supported jobs for young Bahamians, both in the public and private sector;
2. specific set-asides in every project for youth workers;
3. more advanced training at BTVI;
4. restart the loan scholarship programme that the outgoing government saw fit to cancel;
5. provide FREE COB and UWI tuition for ALL Bahamian students;
6. ensure that COB is given University Status in a timely manner;
7. double the amount invested in Education in real terms over a five year term;
8. implement National Health Insurance; and
9. re-implement Urban Renewal.

Mr. Christie, we know you are ready to lead our young people to better and brighter days!

We know you’re ready to lead a government that puts Bahamians First!


PLPs the time is drawing nigh to rid ourselves of this uncaring government.

And before I conclude I want to read a letter to the Prime Minister, paraphrased from a song composed by world renown artist, Pink.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

Come take a walk with me,

Let’s pretend we’re just two people and

You’re not better than me.

I’d like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly.

What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street?

Who do you pray for before you go to sleep?

What do you feel when you look in the mirror?

Are you proud?

How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?

How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye?

How do you walk with your head held high?

Can you even look me in the eye?

And tell me why?

How do you sleep at night?

How do you walk with your head held high?

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

You’d never take a walk with me,

Would you?

Bahamians — for 4 LONG years it has been about everyone BUT you. But I am here tonight to tell you that help and hope are on the way… and our message is clear and simple. A vote for the PLP is a vote for:

• Proactive governance

• Visionary governance

• Caring governance

• Democratic governance

• Governance that is ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

So Hold on Bahamians…The PLP is coming!

PYL Chairman Keenan Johnson


  1. how bout it got cancelled coz the teefin education ppl teef all the money AND the ppl who benefited failed to repay the money! i for one am tired flushing my hard earned money down the toilet so i am glad it’s gone!

  2. @Alfreda
    Asinineness should be made a crime as what you are spewing is childish for those of us who are aware that prior to 2002 only children of FNms were given scholarships.They never repaid and it is good that persons like .:We neeed help and hope”who benefitted from the skullduggery are now reformed and can let the rest of us know of the abuse that took place.Get a life Alfreda as you will surely purge in hell if you do not stop calling wrong right.

  3. Alfreda you souund like one big JACK ASS. Come on get real. It was under the FNM that me along with some other young persons got scholarship loan and some of us buy car, make down payment on house and some went to school and never pay back one red cent. That was the payback for voting FNM. They told us we did not have to pay. I used to be FNM, but not no more. I had it with you and them. Tommy promise us that if we vote FNM we would get rid of crime, we like little puppy dogs says yes and voted the PLP out. Now we are sorry they made crime a political issue. OH YES tommy T.and the FNM. WELL I’VE HAD IT. I AM TIRE OF BEING SICK AND TIRE OF THE FNM GOVERNMENT, I am a young behamian, under 30 so shut up and get a life, YOU FOOL.

  4. Enough about Urban Renewal, we need spiritual renewal. I happy the Government cancell the Student loan cause all they was doing was going away wasting hard earn tax dollars on subjects and degrees that could be earned at the College of the Bahamas, or maybe most of them are too dumb to pass the entrance exam to COB,ah! We all know all the children[youths] who were given scholarships under the PLP watch never paid any monies back to the Government, should this trend continue forever, maybe you’ll should try and get some of them who already get LOANS to pay it back so the rest of our children them could go off to school too. Are their any records of all the loans that were given under the PLP? Oh yeah every bahamian child who has 5 BGCSE with grade C or higher, is given free education at COB, cause we can’t afford to educate the dumb ones too. Stop running on like spoil brats, cause all the crime that is happening is cause the PLP failed us for five years, these the same brothers you’ll[PLP] did not prosecute so now they back on the streets. So say something new or shut up…………..

    • You seem confused!!! Did you take your prozac before you wrote? You gat the nerve to blame the PLP? This is four plus years into FNM rule. You are a Jack*ss. This happening on the FNM’s watch. So tek ya lickin!!!!

  5. Keenan this is a powerful speech coming from young futher leader of this county, when I read it it just made my heart feel good to know that the futher of this great county would one day be in good hands with persons like yourself keep up the good jod buddy. Now you must go out on the high ways and by high and just carry this same message to other young men an ladies

    Darrel J. Johnson I

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