Jonathan Ash clearly has the country in his back pocket…


Will the Attorney General continue to represent and protect a convicted criminal in court?

Johnathan Ash

NASSAU| Johnathan Ash’s bar, which he operated in breach of the liquor License Act, was not in possession of a valid business license at the time Ash was caught operating said bar in violation of the Emergency Orders.

The Crown’s Star Witness in Witness Protection had cleared out the shop a day after he was charged. However, when Customs returned Tuesday, after surveilling the operation, they found all the items had been returned. Customs officers took all the liquor away after he failed to prove he paid any customs for the items in the store.

Ash has a history of defrauding Customs and engaging police. You will recall his business dealings with Dionisio D’Aguilar when goods were imported and Customs defrauded. Ya see ya think we forgot that eh?

What a criminal!

Here is a man who Carl Bethel’s team coached in a trial against a former Cabinet Minister. A man the AG Office agreed to pay $30,000 a month for what they claimed was unpaid debt. A man Carl Bethel is now representing in a matter brought by attorneys representing Shane Gibson. And how does a CROWN WITNESS ends up selling rum when the country is in an Emergency Lockdown?

The question is whether Ash will be charged with a new offense for operating without a license? And if yes, WHEN?

What is interesting is that Ash told the magistrate that he was not the operator of the business and that he was collecting money for a friend.

So the Customs Department, with the assistance of the police, needs to find out who is the real owner since Ash told the court that he’s not the owner! Who is it asking for their seized liquor from Customs?

Jonathan Ash’s corrupt ways prove he clearly has the country in his back pocket!

We report yinner decide!