Judge fines Bodie for Contempt Charge — Do you think Bodie will still tell us what he knew about the judge?


Orthland Bodie talkshow for More 94FM

Bodie ordered to pay for his error – Man Bodie you soon ga can’t talk!

Nassau, Bahamas — Real Talk Live radio show host Ortland Bodie Jr. according to www.tribunemedia242.com was ordered by a Supreme Court judge to pay $2,500 to the Ranfurley Home for Children for his contempt of the court or face seven days in prison.

That fine, ordered by Justice Stephen Isaacs to be payed by July 9, was accompanied with an order for the host to immediately retract his statement on air along with an apology, or else he would be sent to prison for seven days.

Mr Bodie said the fine would be paid before the end of the day and that for each show in the remaining week he will retract his words and apologise for his remarks about Justice Isaacs made on June 21.

He said he has learned his lesson and thanked the judge for a fair punishment.