Kenyan Woman Tells Her Tearful Story From Jail


On this week’s BBC African Perspective:

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A Kenyan college lecturer entrapped in a global drug trafficking ring tells the world through the BBC her story of imprisonment for drug trafficking.

Her painful story paints the real picture of how the global drug problem causes one to loose everything, family, job and freedom.

Judith Akinyi cried as she told of her dread mistake from a Kenyan jail. Here is a story could not pass without sharing with our world readers.

Judith’s story is one that should be played across every network in The Bahamas to enlighten our people that the crime of drug trafficking clearly does not worth one loosing their freedom. It is stories like Judith’s experience, that reaches to the center of pain.

Only if our people can avoid this surge of drugs which associates with guns, crime and violence, the world would certainly become a better place.

The smuggling of illegal drugs is a multi-billion dollar business and, according to the UN agency responsible for combating it, trafficking through African countries is on the increase.

The programme was first broadcast on the BBC in 2005.


  1. My heart goes out to this sister. It is wrong to deliver drug’s and she admit she should be punished I feel that her stay is not right. You have people in your neighborhood and mines that get away everyday with DEALING DRUGS. Theses people know very well what they are doing and how they are messing up humans lives and not to mention living very well at what they do.
    But this lady is different and I feel that this is WRONG!!!!!!!!! She did her part in helping the government put the real loser behind bars look at all the lives she has destroyed.. Now the government agency’s should do there part and demand that she be released sooner than her sentence.
    She is not a DRUG DEALER she made a bad decision!!!!!!!!! Release this sister and let her return home to her family

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