Kirk Nash Hall is Murdered Victim #230 since 2009 on Good Friday


Rapper Nash Cashes - Kirk Nash Hall - Murdered in Bahamas on Good Friday.

Nassau, Bahamas

Bahamas Press is reporting the shooting death, Kirk Nash Hall, a local rap artist, on the Cowpen Road.

Sometime early this morning, Hall we are told was approached by gunmen in a vehicle who then opened fire on him hitting him with bullets to the chest.

While reports coming in are slow, we know Nash is the victim in his mid thirties and was married.

Police are requesting your assistance in locating the person/s responsible for the country’s latest murder.

The incident reportedly occurred shortly before 2:00 am on Saturday 23rd April, 2011 at Cowpen Road West of Baillou Hill Road.

Initial reports indicate that a group of men were seen arguing near a dark colored Nissan Maxima prior to the deceased being shot. A short time later, police were called to a vehicle fire in bushes at Sir Lynden Pindling Estates.
Upon extinguishing the blaze, police discovered the vehicle to be a Nissan Maxima. Police believe the burnt vehicle and the murder at Cowpen Road are connected.

Nash is a 1994 graduate of C. H. Reeves High School. He resided in the Southwestern section of New Providence.

Nash becomes the country’s 230th murdered victim since 2009 with more than some 8 other incidents still unclassified by police.

We offer special prayers for his family especially his young wife.

Nash at a video recording.


  1. I see why some people going around singing, “stop the world and let them get off”. they are tired of these bastards making it hard for them to live in peace in their own country. These criminals have taken crime to a whole new level; going around terrorizing and killing people like it’s nobody’s business. I mean they are committing crimes and looking in your face and smiling the same time. You could see, there is no fear in these bastards! As simple as going out on a holiday, it’s a problem. Today, I said, “ let me get out the house for a little while.” ok, so I cruising down West Bay Street in my Cadillac Escalade enjoying the atmosphere, other than the traffic it felt like a pretty good day, that is until some bastard who must be stole someone’s car because of the way he was driving it, ran into the side of my jeep and then looked in my d**n face and smiled and speeded off. Now, my first impulse was to drive behind this bastard, but I told myself he might have a gun on him, because nowadays it feel like almost everybody have one on them. Besides, it didn’t make sense to go behind him, because the last time, someone ran into my jeep and break up all my headlight and speeded off, I almost risked my life and by going behind them, I got the licence plate number, I even saw the yard where the car gone, carry all the info to police and every time I call them, they keep telling me they don’t have any updates for me yet. Now, the police called me once to make me believe they following up on it, after that I haven’t heard anything else from them, these are the type of things that encourages criminals to be criminals. All, I know this crime problem is extremely out of control and we need to take our streets back from these animals. They are acting like wild animals, so they deserve to be treated like wild animals, we need to kill or cage them and not have them walking about on our streets.

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