Another Murder on Cowpen Road


Police are investigating another murder, which occurred on Cowpen Road last night.

We can tell you the victim was fatally shot and left for dead on the day of the most holiest week on the Christian calendar.

The incident records the 230th murder since 2oo9, with some 8th incidents still unclassified by police.


  1. iT really saddens me to hear grown people talk some times they put politics in every crime . i do not no how in the hell Tommmy Turquest prevent some one at a nigth club from killing some one how the police will no if ,the mother knows her son brings a gun in the house and never calls the police, knowns that her is son is dealing drugs but never tells no one, but why, because he buys her a house acar she is able to go back and forth to miami shopping and all shes wants, the neigbours no but what do they do talk among themselves so stopped blaming every one but ourselves wake up fathers and stop what you are doing mothers let do this we can not prevent every crime but we can start within our own homes.

    • The governmental system can not stop murders from taking place.We are fighting against demonic spirits;but what we as bahamian could do is call for the leaders of the country to repent and call for the entire nation to go on a three days fast,and pray that the forces of darkness will be destroy from our blessed country and the land be heal from sickness and poverty,an oppression

  2. BP. I have sid before that police cannot stop all crimes especially murders. But where persons make complaints to police about domestic violence and other threats and still are murdered, police have a responsibility for this. Some Bahamian mothers are also to blame for the crime.They will not believe reports of their “good” children being involved in crime and, they go to great lengths to “cloak” them. But by far police may be the chief culprits in the rise of crime.Police demonize the victims of crime; the code word they use is that so and so is known to police.This means that you cannot expect a robust investigation into the murder/s because the victim somehow deserved what he or she got.This especially true with drug related murders.If you create an atmosphere in which Bahamian citizens may be murdered at will because they may have a criminal record then, you can destroy a society. The Bahamas Constitution makes no distinction on who is protected from losing their lives.We are all protected; only the State can legally take a life so, even criminals are protected. Its about time that we Bahamians realize that we too are part of the problem. As for the politicians, they are responsible too. They put their “boys” in top positions in RBPF now they are finding out that “promises( to reduce crime) are a comfort to a fool”.

  3. Happy Easter everyone and may youi recognise that even the Devil loves this occasion.Its really a rerun as the Devil still intends to overturn the Resurrection and reign supreme among us.I see where some are trying to take blame away from the Govt when we all know that in Manifeasto 2007 the FNM promised to bring relief as it pertained to crime.Now loose goat know how tied goat feel.Urban Renewal which was world acclaimed was gutted and replaced by an untested program ,neighborhood policing lolo lolo.How come little Tommy Tucker isnt telling us about the virtues of this FNM program.What reallky disgusts me is the fact that some think everyones memory is short.I offer a suggestion to the FNM Govt.,rehash the URban Renewal program to what it once was and then watch the results.Bran McCartney saw the efficiency of Urban Renewal and thats why much of his social programs in Bamboo Town mirrors this effective and magnificent program.I view the DNA party as a threat to the FNM and PLP.

  4. Bahamian’s we need to wake up! Stop blaming everything on the government. It is not Tommy’s nor the governments (whom ever it maybe) problem if a) I allow my children to roam the streets at night causing havoc b) If my daughter gets pregnant at 15 years old and for an older guy which is the case 90% of the time c) If my son is on the streets selling or running drugs. All bahamians are afforded the same education and opportunities. I was raised by a single woman, never missed one day from school, got disciplined by my parent, family members, teachers and neighbours. This is a social issue. We need to get back to basics. Parents need to be held more accountable for the lives they bring into this world. Some nights at 12am in the morning it is the norm to see kids in uniforms walking the streets at night. Where are their parents/guardians? This is how they get sucked/lured into a life of crime by associating themselves with gangs, drug dealers and become prey for preditors. Can you all see that this is not an FMN or PLP thing? Crime will happen no matter whom is at the helm.

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.


    R.I.P. Kirk. Gone but not forgotten.

  5. Instead of Blaming Tommy or the FNM or whom ever, lets all see if we cannot in some way get our young men to stop killing each other.

    I do not believe that Tommy is the Blame, Please lets stp it.

  6. When will you people leave politics and the police out of this and realize that we, thats right, us and our bad ways are at fault here?

    The parents who allow the neighbourhood boys to raise their children, who turn a blind eye to petty theft that eventually turns to bigger crime, who having babies for the man who ein working but bringing home hundreds of dollars a week, to allowing our daughters to date whoever could pay the bills no matter where he gets his funds…its our fault crime is what it is and only we can stop it.

    STOP allowing our sons to pull this country down. Stop pretending we dont know who doinig what. Turn in the criminals you know, stop turning a blind eye to the gun in your celing, under your floor, in your bed…stop taking money from these killers…WE HAVE TO STOP!

      • As the writer said, the police and politicians are not the ones in the homes seeing the illegal guns and dating people with no job but brings in hundreds and thousands a week, we the people are, yet you pass the blame on to them for something that I or you can do something about when we know the gun is there by calling the police, or asking where the mony come from if you dont work. Cant answer, you need to go and not come back. But we defend wrong when there is no defence and blame others for it.

      • That’s a very stupid thing to say. I hope u aren’t one of those people out there committing crimes…bout blame politicians. Everyone wan blame everyone other than who the blame should really be on.

  7. The police is doing a good job after the fact. We need to prevent the murders from happening.So whether you’re PLP, FNM or DNA LETS FACE THE TRUTH, we need the Police BACK IN THE SCHOOLS AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WE NEED URBAN RENEWAL.

  8. Political expediency will be the death of all of us.Our politicians must address the Crime situation and stop being the ostrich.We were promised less crime but we have reaped the whirlwind.To hell with the pundits who will point out what causes deviancy,but am tired of hearing that scorched record.I want the Govt to enact legislation that ensures swift punishment,after speedy trials.Lastly no bail for repeat offenders.

    • They wont do that because when they finish in the HOA, they have to go to the court house and then explain to thier client why they just made it difficult for them to get them out.

  9. These bastards see all these people dieing out here and they would not even try attempt to do something, all they want do is put these killers back on the streets. This must be a game to them!!

  10. Is there no peace in the Bahamas anymore? We must have a lot of animals in the Bahamas if Good Friday don’t mean anything anymore.

  11. Wouldn’t this be Perry Christie’s fault, as that is his constituency? After all, Tommy Turnquest is apparently at fault for crime elsewhere.

    • Cowpen Road is actually Charlie’s Constituency, FYI. We never said Tommy was to BLAME, but since you raised the point do you think he has been successful in combatting the crime situation?


    • Tommy sure as hell is!! When he eagerly and gratefully accepted the high salary and perks of the Minister for National Security he inherited the mantle, and became the person responsible for getting the crime in the country under control. So,the buck stops with him. And so far, his record of ministerial accomplishment has remained depressingly consistent.

  12. And Tommy’s response to this will be ”the rate of crime is unacceptably high and I believe that there are too many guns on the streets”.

    • No No Kendi, his response is, “We know who and where the criminals are, but those who are killing each other are known to each other,” DAH????? Das a answer for ya eh? Like Cain don’t know ABLE.



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