Laing’s lame suggestion for Ninety-nine thousand dollar salary unacceptable!


Zhivargo Laing

Why was he ripping more out of that cookie jar? WHY DID NEKO AND RUSSELL NOT AFFORDED THE SAME?

Nassau, BahamasZhivargo ‘Mona Vie’ Laing told the press this morning he got more money than Phenton Neymour, Loretta Butler-Turner and another Minister of State we forget right now because Laing was a MP from a Family Island constituency and therefore the $6,000 additional funds paid to him is justified.

Now you must get this good. Laing was paid the money without the knowledge of any of his Cabinet colleagues – except the Minister of Finance.

Ministers of State according to budgetary provisions are allotted $60,000 a year, along with $28,000 for being a member of the House. They are offered an additional $5,000 for personal allowances.

Therefore Neymour, Butler-Turner and the other Minister were paid $60,000 + $28,000 + $5,000 = $93,000.

But in the case of Laing he got a raise. He got $66,000 instead of $60,000 without any questions being put by the treasurer of the Bahamas, according to former Attorney General Tennyson Wells, and without any of his colleagues having knowledge of the pay hike.

How did that happened?

There was no budget provision for the extra sum, nor was there any adjustment in the budget for the additional money paid to Laing. So how did that happen? And are we being accountable and transparent here?

Laing, in his raw arrogant fashion, sought to suggest that it was paid to him because he lived on a family island.

So let’s put the question. Neko Grant, a full fledge minister, also lives on Grand Bahama. Was he paid an additional $6,000?

Former Minister of Housing Kenneth Russell also lived on Grand Bahama. Was he paid an additional $6,000?

NO! The record reflects in both cases no additional funds because of their living arrangements outside New Providence warranted the Treasurer or the Minister of Finance to grant additional sums to those Ministers.

And so again we put the question. Why was an additional $6,000 per year paid to Zhivargo Laing, when there were no provisions in the budget for such, and when it was unknown to Ministers?

Perhaps Dr. Hubert Minnis could show that his party is now truly transparent and tell will us.

Speak NOW AND TELL US THE TRUTH DR. Minnis! Or as they say, forever hold your peace!

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