Branville McCartney should not have a word to say about crime and we know why!


Branville McCartney

Branville supported the axing of Police officers by the Cabinet when crime raged in The Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas — Sometimes when you hear some people talk, ya gatta stop and listen to what they say, and then there are some others who, when they speak, you must ask, “Where in the hell you just come from?”

The Leader of the Democratic National Alliance, who has now returned from his salty getaway to some place in the world after getting a bamboo stick lick on him on May 7th, has suddenly –  like Houdini – appeared in the WUTLESS PRESS AGAIN.

Yesterday the one-term MP-leader perhaps bit his tongue as he responded to the crime crisis now engulfing the nation.

His vice admiral, Rodney Moncur, is now batting for the FNM, and so Branville has returned as the chief in the crime fight.

In his statement published on Bahamas Press yesterday, the defeated MP asked the PLP to stop stalling and get on with the fight to get crime under control.

We at Bahamas Press often reflect on the fact that Bahamians have very short memories and we believe persons like Branville McCartney sometimes have no memory at all.

Some may forget he was a member of the former Administration, which was swept into power in 2007 and had no plan to fight crime.

He was part and parcel of that “RED FLEET” which drowned young Bahamians in a sea of red blood where murder, crime and violence rose like a TSUMANI, forcing young souls to be washed away in hails of bullets night after night for four and a half long years.

McCartney’s yes-man attitude took him to the talk show of Jeff Lloyd after he resigned as a member of the Ingraham Cabinet and to proclaim that, while Ingraham appears to have no heart, he was still the best choice for Bahamians when it came to leadership. That same year the crime fight in the Bahamas was the bloodiest ever in our recorded history where some 127 souls lost their lives to violence at the hands of another.


What is more chilling is the fact that the ‘curly head brat’ sat in that same failed Cabinet and watched as massive investments fueled a port to enrich 19 FNM benefactors, and a road project that greased a Cabinet colleague [his senior minister Brent Symonette], and he said nothing as four years of record breaking murders washed the lives of the innocent into a bloody river of death on our streets.

And still Branville protesteth NOT! Mum was the word when it came to him telling the Ingraham Government to awaken out of its comatose state. He was a participant in the crime against the Bahamian people.

But now, fanned by political ambition and after sitting on the wrong side of history for four years, he vents protestations?

Branville McCartney
is in no position to speak to the Bahamian people on Crime! He is in no position to advise the new government on its plans.

On day one Christie recalled a number of officers FIRED when Branville sat in the Cabinet and agreed to let Bahamians go home.

Therefore he should have nothing to say on this.

Sit ya hip down and watch the show!

We report yinner decide!