Laura and Brent should have been arrested


laura-copyNassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press has some words for the JACKASS holding a pen and scribbling editorials day after dayagainst the masses – in thatDUTTYtabloid trash call The Tribune.

We were taken by the comments the editor had against Millie Moncur, a deceased supporter of Sir Lynden, and Laura Williams a current stalwart in the PLP.

You would remember we published an article on an episode, which took place at the Thelma Gibson Primary School between Brent Symonette and Williams. We noted how the minister was given a ‘PISSIN RED SLAP by her following a heated exchange of words.

The toilet paper took it upon themselves as usual to suggest we condoned and agreed with the assault on the minister, far from it. In fact Bahamas Press agrees Laura should have been arrested for doing what almost half of the country would have done if any minister assaulted them as she was.

You see we at BP possess no law degree, however, we are constantly advised by several counsels of law. We are however practitioners of the law as we believe in obeying and conducting ourselves in a manner that is decent and respectful when we are in the public domain. brent-symonette.jpg

The JACKASS on Shirley Street who claims to know the law is clearly not verse enough with areas of one’s rights and that was explicit in the paper’s editorial today.

You see, had Brent Symonette asked to arrest Laura Williams and she was taken into custody, the same law, which was applied on her must and would have equally been applied on the person who initiated the assault.

Brent Symonette was the one who walked over and made the initial contact with Williams. He went and hit her on her back making comments in the midst of an already highly charged and angry mob of supporters. He, and not Williams, started and believably triggered her response. And therefore in any court of law headed by Sir Michael, Brent Symonette would and should be duly charged for assaulting the PLP stalwart supporter.

But the Tribune with its JACKASS ways, flip sided bias, criminal mind and cockeyed racist actions against the small man cannot and will not read the law as we do. They should not question the slap as it was communicated in its editorial today, but they should question WHY WAS THE SLAP INITIATED? And the paper should equally ask the police after reporting the ordeal, why was not both Brent Symonette and Laura Williams arrested for their insightful actions on government property?

The Tribune should also ask, why in the hell we [Tribune] in thisduttytoilet paper continues to practisepolitical biasand not be objective when writing bile.

We want the Tribune to google and see who in the most popular blog in the country. We are the most popular blog in the Bahamas. The Tribune can have their opinion but cannot own the facts, we are beating them badly. We know BP is a must read for all reporters in the country. We break more news on a daily basis than you’ve done for the a year. The Tribune is on the fringe. Stay tuned for some more bombshells about to drop in short order.


  1. Just to let you know that Brent Symonette has a history of antagonizing voters during the heat of an election campaign.

    In 1972 when his brother Bobby was running for Exuma he was slapped at Edgewater Club by Mr. Everette Hart who campaigned for George Smith.


  2. Krossova, you are so right, but I seriously think a select few do not want us to unite or be positive, this is definitely intentional, and they know which buttons to push to get us riled up, we are to easily moved by politics, we got to look at the person in the mirror, and when we all make that change not some but all, we’ll have a better country and world, again true words Krossova.

    If we have millionaire politicians, why do we have such poor people in this country, we are not that large as a country that these same politicians don’t drive on East street or Bailou Hill road to get to Parliament, and see the people they represent, how cold can they be as leaders, we all see these things almost everyday, they know the numbers, think about people FNM’s or PLP’s, are we all that cold, the only difference is that the politician has the power and resources to make it better for these people if they would only sacrifice, work a little harder, and have a heart.

  3. “When men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom.”  @Krossova I agree with you. This country needs to learn RESPECT.

  4. I think it’s unfortunate that many of you guys take the time to blog here and never have a positive word or comment.nothing constructive is offered. No new or repeated ideas as to how to improve our country,just this never ending b*** s**t of plp and fnm.there are already too many things that categorize and seperate us as a people, chief amomg them is politics.we are allowing this mess to consume us.while politicians are getting by and not being accountable to us. they are doing those basic things at election time, including this recent election and expect the electorate to sile on them.we as a people (fnm & plp) must speak out against this old practice.there are far more ills and hic-ups in our society the government could resolve to improve this country. people, I think we could really give B P his wish in making this the # 1 blog in the Bahamas. lets use this as a forum to discuss positive things, ways to better the country. let us lead the way, I am sure it will change some or most of the negative headlines and diffuse some of these so call bombshells by the host.

  5. Comments from BP facebook blog:….

    Tiffany Miller: nobody like Laura…………
    Wed at 6:10pm ·

    Kisha Mackey O.M.G
    Wed at 6:15pm ·

    Patrick Rolle: And we think this is cute. Bahamas Press, I am MOST disappointed in you reporting this like this is good news. I am beginning to think that you are a jack @$$.
    Wed at 6:45pm ·

    Patrick Rolle: Laura is and will always be a silly PLP follower. You can be loyal to your party but be sensible about it.
    Wed at 6:47pm ·

    Faye Turnquest: Mr. Rolle I agree with you 100% This person who is reporting for Bahamas Press is so excited to report this on facebook now you see why we have so much crime in this country because of people like this who glorified and put these people like Laura on a pedestal.
    Wed at 7:21pm ·

    Bahamas Press Well faye you know we love when someone gets pimp slapped.


    PS: We have some pimp slap articles coming up soon. KEEP READING….
    See More
    Wed at 7:41pm ·

    Anaj Morley: Yep its really sad. Ms Williams need count her blessings, if i was Deputy Prime Minister and had been attacked in this manner, Ms. Laura would have been locked up, for a long time, to teach her a lesson, when it come to authority. And to have persons encouraging Laura, tell me? what is this country coming to.
    Wed at 7:53pm ·

    Jeffrey Baylor Williams: where is the respect? that is ridiculous bahamian politics is becoming more comical erryday !!
    Wed at 8:04pm ·

    Linda Denise Evan: As a Bahamian Woman, Mother, & Grand Mother who believes a man should not hit a woman, this is one time when I stand and pull back and say that Brent should have given LAURA a WHITE BAHAMIAN MAN CUT ASS AND BITCH SLAP!! She is the most stupid, arrogant, dumb, ugly Bahamian wonam ever born legally. She just have not met the right one yet.
    Wed at 8:19pm ·

    Linda Denise Evans: As a Bahamian Woman, Mother, & Grand Mother who believes a man should not hit a woman, this is one time when I stand and pull back and say that Brent should have given LAURA a WHITE BAHAMIAN MAN CUT ASS AND BITCH SLAP!! She is the most stupid, arrogant, dumb, ugly Bahamian wonam ever born legally. She just have not met the right one yet.
    Wed at 8:19pm ·

    Chanel Brennan woow .
    Wed at 8:21pm ·

    Mae Pratt: this is sooooo sad after all if you don’t respect him, Laura respect his office. he was a gentleman in not pressing charges.
    Wed at 8:45pm ·

    Erica Anne O. Watkins-Laing: Linda…you have it wrong….”A man should never hit a lady” and Laura has proven herself not to be a lady. Male or not if I were Mr. Symonette I would have hit the crap out of her.

    If this were any other country and she attacked the DPM and Minister of Foreign Affairs her sorry ass would have been locked up – quick, fast and in a hurry.

    I never thought much of her – and now I think even less. If this is the rabid fanaticism inspired and encouraged by the leaders and the members of the PLP I want no part of it. PC and his band of merry men need to reign in people like Laura – they are not cute – they are an embarrassment….
    See More
    Wed at 9:08pm ·

    Jennifer L. Johnson: Just got of the phone from my eighbour who was in the area of the incident. He said when the police asked everyone to leave the area, the FNM did not respond and the PLPs said if the FNMs did not more, they weren’t also. There was resistance by everyone including the DPM. Noone is above the law and everyone should have respected the Police …
    See More
    Wed at 9:37pm ·

    Julie Taylor: QuEStion? Is tHIs stoRY reALlY trUE? i’lL waIT tO fIND oUT bEFORE mAkiNG a COmmENT….. wHY? beCAUSE so mANY tIMEs i’Ve reaD on faCEbk comMETS thAT aRE wrITtEN by thE usEr’s tO demoRaLiZE aND staRT mANY prOblEMS……. aND wHEN thIS iS dONE arE we aNY bEtter thAN tHOSE whO stARTED thE fIRE? eSpEcIAllY if nothING poSTIVE was lEft wHEN wE COmmENT.

    thATS mY fiVE cents!
    Wed at 9:43pm ·

    Anaj Morley: Ms Johnson i understand what you are trying to say, but everybody knows Laura is a biggity woman and she think she is above the law, so what you got to say about when she slapped Mr. Audlyn Bodie? But she will meet her match. I guess you can justify that also. No matter what you say, she is wrong. I am quite sure Mr. Symonette did not touch her in an offensive way. But she just think she bad.
    Wed at 9:55pm ·

    Jeffrey Baylor Williams: the bitch need to get locked up imagine some American slapping the hell out of Joe Biden?
    Wed at 10:13pm ·

    Jeffrey Baylor Williams: the bitch need to get locked up imagine some American slapping the hell out of Joe Biden?
    Wed at 10:14pm ·

    Gigi Gonzalez: Due to the interest in the matter expressed by online readers, we just asked Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette about the ‘Laura Incident’.
    Asked why he did not have the PLP supporter who allegedly pushed him in the back arrested on the spot, and why he declined to press charges, Mr Symonette said that considering the emotionally charged …
    See More
    Thu at 3:50pm ·

    Rod Warren: According the Tribune reports, Laura is saying he pushed her first. All I say is why go near a wild raging woman.
    Thu at 6:56pm ·

  6. Why make laws if they are not to be used???? Their are rules that guide a court challenge on protest ballots and those rules were carried out… Is this a DEMOCRACY or what???  Why are people crying because the courts are being used… I am so confused….

    • WHAT is your point ?.. But you seem to be a PLP… so I guess you are like all PLPs just dam an angry silly person… with no point..

  7. If one doesn’t respect oneself one can have neither love nor respect for others. As Deputy Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas respect should been enforced for Symonette whether your PLP or FNM. Brent Symonette’s actions was legal and no one should lay hands on no one else in that violent manner; especially the DPM. Laura Williams shouldve been prosecuted for her illegal actions.

  8. Yes Smitty, that is true on PLP’s like fight, only black people like watermelon, only Chinese do dry cleaning, all white people are evil, all young black men thief, I’m trying to think of more stupid stereotypes I can come up with to join your banter, let’s stop the ignorance, I think your just trying to be funny, you’ve got to work on comedic timing though, again whose the leader we all look up to in this country?.

  9. If you read the newspapers, and listened to the talk shows, you would really believe that Plps, are the only ones, who harass, or incite.

    The bias media, who were all beaten by the way in the bye-election, should be ashamed of themselves.
    Print the news as it really unfolds, and stop campaigning for the “wutless” fnm!

  10. BP what amazes me with some people is that they are always on here bashing you  and now NCL calling you trash. I guess it takes one to know one, because he on here more than you BP!!

  11. Violence is totally unacceptable and people needs to learn how to control themselves. What that being said, I think Brent cause this one on himself though. He can‘t be that dumb to approach a group of angry PLP supporters when he should have known the last thing they would have wanted is to feel him a member of the FNM cabinet touching them and telling them to calm down. That is almost like a virgin walking into a cell full of rapists and telling them I will lay right here, but I am a virgin so please don’t touch me. Brent was totally out of place, he should have not been the one trying to calm those PLP supporters down, unless it was his intention to irritate them. I feel it was Tommy’s responsibility as the Minister of National Security to make sure sufficient police were out there to keep the crowd under control. We all know how uncivilized and crazy these supporters from both party is get when it is election, that is the reason why I don’t even bother to represent any party or put their flags on my vehicle when going to vote, when you look somebody attack me or break up my vehicle, well you see, I am not for that. We have not reach that level where we could have a difference of an opinion and still respect each other, until then I wont be representing any party when going to vote. Yeah, Brent cause this one on himself, he should have known better to go and fool with Laura. From the time I knew Laura, I have never saw her in a good mood yet, this woman and her daughter is carry on like two jungalists on patrol all the time. Brent lucky Laura only slapped the taste out of his mouth, he around here messing with people and putting his hands on their shoulders, talking about he calming them down and he know these people were already upset with them. Well, I just hope he learn from his mistakes and uses better judgment next time. Some things you should try to avoid.

    • Kim Sands you are right… a group of angry PLPs.. so sad.. PLPs are one angry bunch… Well get ova ya anger… Doc Sands is MP for Lizzie and the FNM is still the government..

      • NCL, It was not my intention to come across as bias towards any one political party, because I am pretty sure there were some angry FNM supporters out there as well and maybe it would have been better for Brent, if he had tried to calm them down instead.

        • Kim I was just highlighting your fact… PLPs are one set of angry Bahamians.. that is the truth…

  12. I jus’ come from the wedding reception of  Michela Barnett, the daughter of the Cheif Justice.  FNM and PLP politicians were mixing and mingling as friends, which the are.  In attendence were, Brave Davis, Val Grimes, Michelle Pindling and her husband Sandy Sands, Hubert Ingraham, Tommy Turnquest, Dr. Duane Sands and many, many more stalwarts from both sides.  So while y’all fussing and fighting, the politicians are all friends.  Incidently, I got word from a senior PLP operative  (not named above) that the majority of the protest ballots were cast by persons who do not live in the Elizabeth constituancy.  This thing is aparently over. Dr. Duane Sands is the next MP for Elizabeth.  You can take that to the bank. Remember, Eagle told you first.   

    • Altec, thank you Sir NCL just don’t get it, when you live in a glass house you don’t throw stones.

  13. BP I think that the Tribue was too kind… this site is nothing but trash… you have all the disgraced persons in the Bahams here…

  14. Now watch this Altec what you think ga happen when this blog takes over the Nassau Guardian which is now the most popular newspaper online. Us bloggers will dominate.

    But the Tribune call us fringe. Let them stay right there.


    • BP, if she thinks this blog represents the “fringe” elements, then why write about it in her newspaper? Wouldnt that only cause her readers to vist the blog ot of interest and increase traffic to the blog? She is admitting to being guilty of doing what just about everybody in the political world in the Bahamas does, READ THIS BLOG RELIGIOUSLY!

  15. Side note:

    BP, i went to to check out the rankings of popular sites in the Bahamas and what is so funny is that the most popular Bahamian website is FML’s website.


    This site is ranked #74 but its true, your the highest rated blog.  I was surprised as i thought would be in the top 100, but from what i saw, i didnt see them listed at all. That blog is dead.

  16. You are right on about the Tribune Media!  They are clearly, and have been campaigning for the UBP/FNM from inception. ONE SIDED PIECE OF SH*T!

  17. Ncl stop being another political hack and read the story. We did not give Laura right for what she did.

    Do you work for the Tribune NCL?


  18. NOW you are supporting violence…. what a dam morone… BP.. you een get not an ounce of shame…. not one..

    • Brent tried to be the bully for the FNM at the bye election.I am informed that he even accosted former COP BK Bonamy and made him leave the area of the polling stations.He pulled open the doors for polling station 12 when he saw that Koed Smith was entering for the count on Election day.Brent might be white but he sure knows how to act like a hooligan.If Laura struck him without provocation she is wrong and should suffer the consequences.However Brent was obviously wrong as he has made no complaint.Both sides were confrontational during the time at the election sites but if you read some blogs it would appear that only the PLP was aggressive.The FNM is so used to pushing the PLP around that now that the PLP is standing up to their antics they cry foul.Brent is a big boy and knows that things like this could happen.Brent is a man but some of his associates are soft now that the PLP is standing up. 

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