Lesbians Take Over Ariel Lowe’s Funeral Service -The Cougar takes the life of another young cub…


Katriona Gilbert may also be responsible for the death of AKASIA PORTER – BP is now investigating that relationship…

The body of Ariel Lowe shown here was laid to rest on Saturday at New Bethany Baptist Church on Key West Street. Inset is her accused suspect Katriona Gilbert - TOP Left.

When will a Sexual Offenders Register be established to Protect the Darlings of the Nation???

Nassau, Bahamas — BP’s agents were on the ground yesterday in attendance at the funeral for the former St. Andrew’s School Graduate, Ariel Lowe. Members of the secret LGBT lesbian community seemed to have crawled from under every rock they hide under to attend the funeral on Saturday of the young girl who suffered abuse from her dangerous lover.

It was very difficult to tell who was man and who was woman in the church and it seems as if even the very children were cross-dressed. BP’s agent was playing with what we thought was a little boy with braided hair, but it turned out to be a little girl dressed in little boy’s clothes. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS???

The family didn’t seem very distraught at the lesbian take over so BP decided to dig a little further. We slyly moved to the front of the church to get a view of the family. Some were in tears while the others seemed stony faced. Apparently, the stony faced ones were opposed to the lesbian take over while the others didn’t give a damn.

Digging even further, BP uncovered that the mother of young Ariel approved of her young, near genius daughter dating a known, abusive psychopath. According to our sources, Ariel’s mother witnessed the heavy hand of Katriona Gilbert beating her daughter on many occasions and did absolutely nothing. When friends and neighbors would quiz her on why she allowed Katriona to beat da hell out of her daughter, she responded by saying she “can’t get in their business.”


We are sure many of our readers are now slack jawed at that mother’s statements, which proves not everybody is cut out to be a mother. More than likely if she called the authorities when those beatings were taking place, her daughter would be alive today. We hope her conscience whips her into guilt! Her daughter has now left the earth, while a stone cold murdering repeat-offender is getting set to plead crazy and walk.

Katriona is allegedly the relative of a very high-powered Bahamian who, it is said, has gotten her off many violent and abusive charges before.

BP also understands that this relative has placed psycho Katriona in Sandilands on many occasions to get her off cruel charges. Now we heard that her defense attorney is going with the insanity plea to insure that this ‘wicked worker of darkness’ walks out of court free with maybe 3 months in Sandilands. How unfair is that?!!! She gets to kill a girl who leaves behind a daughter and she is set to get a slap on the wrist for claiming to be crazy.

Katriona, a graduate of St. John’s College, is said to have caused another young graduate to take her own life [well, that is what they claim it was] because of being constantly tormented. And now BP is wondering if that situation was really a suicide or if that poor girl died at the hands of wicked and cruel Katriona.

BP has called for the papers and is now investigating how did ACASSIA SHANDESE PORTER really die in 2010! This young woman was also one of Katriona Gilbert’s lovers. Stay tuned as only Bahamas Press has the story, which we will publish in our next edition for the prosecutors.

Maybe the police ought to go sniffing around that case to see if that was really suicide or another one of Katriona’s victims. And we wonder once again when will someone in the WUTLESS MEDIA of the Bahamas begin doing real investigative stories…

Interestingly, those who love to speak about violence [Sandra Dean Patterson, Erin Greene nor Ranford Patterson] were present nor did they pass the church. Neither have they commented on this great travesty where the cougar has killed another young cub. These cougars and predators are known in the church, in the schools and on the jobs..
Stay Tuned…

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