Letter writer proves Charles Maynard can’t keep the bathrooms working

Bathrooms at another government facility running over with sewerage. Bathrooms running over with ****!

Terlets like the cup is running over!

Dear Bahamas Press,

I am a concerned parent of children attending the Bahamas National Dance School.  The school is having a production that started on Thursday, 19th April, 2012 and ends today Saturday, 21st, April, 2012.  The performance is at the National Centre for the Performing Arts on Shirley Street, and there is a serious plumbing and sewerage problem at the center.  I am not sure if this matter has been brought to the attention of the relevant authorities, however some of the bathrooms are unable to flush and when the ones that are able to flush are used, there is an overflow that spills out into the parking area.  This is enough cause for concern, however it is gravely serious as the Administrator of the school has chosen to place tents in the area where this overflow occurs.  The occupants of these tents are children between the ages of 3 – 10 years old and they are constantly moving back and forth, for their performances and change of costumes, walking through the sewerage and using the bathrooms.

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The Administrator knew these bathrooms were not working properly, as they were practicing at this center for the past two (2) weeks from morning to evening.  The children are required to be there from 4 pm until the show ends at 10 pm, this means that patrons and children alike would have to use the bathroom facilities.  This should have been a top priority that the bathrooms were fixed before the show began.

The tents that are in the area could have been moved, as the first night of production was on Thursday, 19th April, 2012, when the problem first occurred.  However, this was not done, and when we came in on Friday, the tents were still exposed to the sewerage overflow.  The parents who were there suggested to Mrs. Grant, that the children be moved to another area, but she remained adamant that they should remain in the area.  I chose not to allow my children (who are 5 and 7 years old) to remain at the center, and removed them from the program.  However there are a number of students who are still exposed to this hazardous and unhealthy environment.  It is important for me to note that at the center they have two areas assigned, one is being used by the older dancers and adults which is not exposed to this problem, while the other one being used by the children is right in the middle of this sewerage.

It is appalling that the Administrator, Mrs. Dereka Grant, has a very nonchalant attitude and displays a disregard for the health and safety of children entrusted to her.

Please see what you can do to rectify this situation.

I am sending pictures of this for your review, please ensure if the pictures are used no children’s faces are visible.

Thank you for your assistance.



  1. Also a parent of a child at the National Dance School and I too witnessed the overflow near the tent on the first evening of the performance.
    HOWEVER, the tents were moved on the second night of the performance in order for the children to get ready in a safe environment free of the overflow from the toilet.

    Also, I dare ask what will addressing this concern to BP do? You should rather address this to the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture.

    I was present on all three days of the performance from hours before the performance was due to start and can say that the attitude of Mrs. Grant was not nonchalant.

    If your intentions were truly the safety of the children you would have contacted the people responsible for addressing the problem that day and not BP.

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