Lights Out: The Devil Hails From Grand Bahama

People paying their bills in BPL and yet the power remains off!
Whitney Heastie

NASSAU| More trouble at Bahamas Power and Light. This time BP was reliably informed about the reasons for the frequent power outages New Providence has been having lately.

The BPL Devil, Whitney Heastie, in his insistence on filling the entire power company with Grand Bahamians who are not necessarily qualified for their jobs, has hired Ken Saunders, an engineer from Grand Bahama to head up Wartsilla.

For those of you who don’t remember, BP wants to remind you that Wartsilla signed a two-year operation and maintenance agreement with, the Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd (BPL). Wartsilla is supposed to transition, train, and develop BPL’s Bahamian work force for managing the new technology, while also providing key performance guarantees.

Millions of dollars later Wartsilla supplied and built a 132 MW power plant in The Bahamas, which was said to be cranked up in December 2019 at the Clifton Pier Station A power plant. BPL told the public that the plant was urgently needed to replace an ageing facility, and to improve the reliability of the local grid. There was to be no outages after that and Bahamians bought that lie.

You would all know that you have been sitting in pitch blackness on and off for the past two weeks with weak lying excuses from BPL’s communication department. BPL communications, headed by a Grand Bahamian, must be patterning after Minnis and his Pinnochio crew as BP has not seen so many lies spoken in a long time.

The real story behind the outages is that the BIG TIME Wartsilla plant run by this Grand Bahamian engineer, Ken Saunders, is continuously running out of fuel. Why is he still employed after running the country’s million dollar machinery without fuel? The equipment is at risk, for God’s sake!! WHAT IS DIS??!!

What Bahamians don’t know is that this same Grand Bahamian engineer, Ken Saunders, is making a whopping $200,000.00 a year for sheer incompetence and putting the capital of this nation into pitch blackness.

Consumers can’t get solid power for 24 hours because the friends, lovers and family Grand Bahama connection at Bahamas Power and Light have seized our power grid and are creating havoc with it. WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS???

What a disgrace is this??!! Minnis and Bannister fooled the Bahamian public, spent up all this money and are once again in a situation where they cannot keep the lights on. BP’s sources high up in BPL are very concerned that the company may crash and fall apart as no one is stopping Heastie’s mismanagement.

When the Grand Bahama engineer isn’t spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel, he is running the government’s machines out of fuel. The potential damages could be in the millions if he is allowed to operate in this incompetent fashion. Seems like the Wartsilla people didn’t train this Saunders fella well enough before turning the head job over to him.

Whitney Heastie is now 60! Is the government going to retire him as he has reached retirement years, or is he going to remain head man in charge of BPL and continue on in his role of killing the country’s power machines and loading the place with Grand Bahamians?

We report! Yinner decide!