Local reporter walk into store with YELLOW “BATTY RIDERS” to purchase a loaf a bread!


Was BREAD being sold or purchased?

file photo.

Nassau, Bahamas – A local reporter caught the eye of BP this week after making a stop for a cool drink at a local gas station.

The reporter is a known PLP who could not get over the cut hip on May 10th delivered by the FAKE FNM for the Bahamian people. Da Gal coming out late dese days!

Catching the reporter in the store was not the issue, but it appears that she was under contract by the former government. She appears distressed!

Caught with her wave in a dangerous twist, the reporter was wearing some hot YELLOW [buns exposed] “Batty Rider” pants, which could go for panties. She we believed was headed for bed when da walking spirit hit her…Look what the newsroom has come to!

The reporter had come to buy a loaf bread though. But, boy, in our mind we believe that was all a sham… cause from the looks a things, tight butt showing and all, this could have been a secret message. $4.85 a loaf or better yet $485 a loaf. She had one dangerous body if ya ask me.

Damn! The PLP got fired, Minnis gat things gern “Dutty Tough” and the reporters look like they don’t know how to behave no more. Some with no panties … now dis one walking around in “Batty Rider” after the PLP defeat! WHAT A TIME!

We report yinner decide!