Long Island Native is murdered victim #104 – Victim shot multiple times about the upper body


The young are being murdered and slaughtered by the day on the streets of the Capital – There is no reverence or respect for life by the gun carrying misfits who holds the Bahamas hostage to crime!

Nassau, Bahamas — A Long Island native is dead this morning after being shot outside his home. Bahamas Press records the 104th murder, which took place early this morning around 3:10 am.

Native Long Islander 23-year-old Diego Major is country's latest murdered victim.

The shooting incident left a 23-year-old male of Gamble Heights, Diego Major, better known as “Yellow” dead.

It was early Monday morning when multiple gunshots were heard at Sunrise Road and a short time later, the deceased was discovered with gunshot injury to the upper body.

The victim was found lying on its right side with what appeared to be multiple injuries to the chest and head area.

He was shot just outside his home and many are now wondering if this was another robbery gone bad.

He was pronounced dead by EMS teams.

Just yesterday a 14-year-old student was shot-up multiple times and she walked in Catherine Street in Nassau Village. Her assailant demanded cash, but when she denied having any, she was shot multiple times.

We report yinner decide!