Long Islanders reject Larry Cartwright and Butler abandons Montagu


Larry Catrwirght was rejected by Long Islanders.


Deadman’s Cay, Long Island Bahamas Press was deep in the belly of Long Island yesterday gathering more details on the fact-finding mission by the Prime Minister in that constituency.

Working overtime to achieve his February General Election date, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is in a bind to find candidates.

Thursday night’s meeting took place at the home of former FNM Parliamentarian, Sylvia Scriven, and here’s what happened.

Generals informed the PM that Larry Cartwright would not have a chance in his life to be the MP again for the constituency. They told him in fact that the Long Islanders never agreed on his change from an independent MP to the FNM. They added, “There is no way in hell the embattled FNM MP will get a shot at reelection and therefore, the time for change has come for residents.”

MP for Montaqu set to abandon her constituency...WHY ARE ALL THESE FNMS RUNNING FROM CUT HIP?

Introducing Loretta Butler to the constituency, the PM asked whether her selection in the area would prove successful. No one answered. Larry Cartwright then assured Butler if she seeks the seat, he would take her throughout the island and introduce her as the candidate.

But get this, if the people of Long Island don’t want Larry, then how will Larry’s personal introduction of Loretta help the situation? Imagine that!

Somewhere in the conversation, FNMs gathered on Long Island forget it is this present FNM administration which has neglected and abandoned the community they seek to continue to represent. Water has yet to come to the island in FIVE years of FNM representation and was not to be delivered in 20 years of FNM representation.

Somewhere in the conversation, FNMs gathered forgot that Loretta’s father, Mr. Raleigh Butler, ran for Long Island back in the day, and could not ‘broke wind’ in the seat. In fact Mr. Butler could not even get his deposit back after the cut [expletive] Long Islanders put on him. If Loretta’s papa could not deliver, what makes one think the daughter can?

Somewhere in the conversation, FNMs gathered forgot that Loretta is the sitting MP for Montagu. How is it an MP can decide to “Sweetheart” another constituency while being “Married” to one??? Long Islanders must see something wrong with that picture and so should the people of North Andros, Fort Charlotte, Exuma and MICAL when they see these FNM ghost candidates walking up and down in their community.

Bahamas Press wants you to tell them “GO BACK HOME TO YA WIFE [Constituency]!”

The FNM is in big trouble down in Long Island. Better yet, they are in big trouble all across the country – with less than 24 days to go before Parliament is dissolved.

We report Yinner decide…


  1. Why do people think because you live on the family island you’re ignorant? We Long Islanders are a proud people who have been surviving for decades whether PLP, FNM, DNA or whatever else wins because we have been able to keep the foreigners out and protecting our children’s future. Maybe other islands can learn something from us…so don’t feel bad hubert, christie or branville if we decide to stay independent.

  2. Agree with Leroy Miller 100%. The fnm time has been expired long time ago.. Lets go L.Islanders, get this thing right, send the FNM’s back home, time to go!!!!

  3. Hello Long Islanders. We are the most ambitious people in the whole Bahamas, but yet we have been taken for granted for many years. The FNM government over twenty plus years did absolutely nothing for us in Long Island.The last time I was home and checked, the empty water pipes are still in the ground for years, and yet you say you care.Apart from NO WATER, there is NO CABLE AND INTERNET either because they are basically PLP’s. You are forgetting, we are Bahamians too and deserve the same services as the rest of the Bahamas.
    Please Long Islanders, wake up and see what the FNM has done and is doing to you, what do you see? NOTHING.
    To add insult to injury, The PM came to Long Island and brought the MP for Montague with him. What is she running from? The PM thinks that in Long Island is still business as usual.For God’s sake Long Islanders, see the man for who he is, a wolf in sheeps’ clothing, out to deceive you again.
    Please VOTE for change, send a strong message to the FNM that you will not be taken for granted any longer. You deserve better, please do not be a “sucker”for bad treatment and neglect. Enough is Enough.

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