Look at the garbage Jerome Sawyer dem does write!


NASSAU| Ya’ll see this GARBAGE? A senior journalist in the country Jerome “Get BEAT UP” Sawyer must have forgotten to take his medication this Wednesday morning after posting this garbage.

The journalist, who we know has several contracts with the Minnis Government, went out of his way to post garbage on social media following the resignation of former Health Minister Duane Sands.

Citizens in the country must stand in shock and horror to see what we are being reduced to in media. Here you have a senior journalist, who works for a major media network, in a top post in that media house, and yet, behaving like a juvenile in the fallout and collapse of his Governing Party. THIS IS GROSSLY UNACCEPTABLE! The people don’t know what it is to be professional anymore.

Could yinner believe this? These people cannot be serious.

Well, WAIT!

We report yinner decide!