High-ranking Immigration officer arrested after hiding deep in Immigration’s Closed Office…


NASSAU| A senior high-ranking Immigration officer has found herself on the wrong side of the law after a Supreme Court probe into a matter exposed dangerously corrupt practices of the officer in the discharge of her duties in the country.

Bahamas Press is learning the officer got arrested after a divorce matter involving an abusive Jamaican male and his ex-wife [who is Bahamian] exposed some criminal exercises by the rogue Immigration Officer.

The ex-wife had suffered multiple concussions and bruises, multiple hospital visits with including two miscarriages, during the painful marriage. The husband violently, and repeatedly, beat and abused the ex-wife, who had to run for her life into another family island away from her husband and go into hiding deep in the caves of her own country to save her life. 

The problem came when after the divorce. The court matter exposed how the Jamaican abuser [who was no longer married to his wife] was mysteriously granted “residence status” from the Immigration Department with the assistance of the rogue officer.

Sources close to the investigation have called the rogue officer “DA RUBBER STAMP”, saying she has a dangerous reputation for accepting bribes from applicants so they can gain residency status in the Bahamas.

Detectives from Central Detective Unit, who were diligently investigating the crimes during the Emergency Lockdown, called the senior immigration officer, only to discover that the officer was hiding in the closed offices of the Immigration Department on Hawkins Hill, doing what she does best!

Officers warned the senior officer, who works closely with the Director of Immigration, “You can come to us or we will come and collect you.”

Anyway, the senior officer – aka “da rubber stamp” – was taken into custody for two long days where a series of dangerous questions were put before her to explain her actions up on the hill.

The Immigration officer, who is “CONNECTED”, according to sources, has a list of officers who she is about to take down with her as they are set to do the “officers on parade” [court].

BP just has one question though: How come this was never reported to the press? 

Well, what is this?

Anyway, we at BP are turning files upsidedown, looking for the paperwork/applications of a sitting Cabinet Minister’s relative, who, we understand, has been living and operating ILLEGALLY in the Bahamas for over 10 years!

Wait til Hubert Minnis finds out NOT ONLY DUANE SANDS has violated his orders! [I GONE!].


We report yinner decide!