Look how the Union abandoned the people in a time of crisis at NIB!


NIB Deputy Director Yevette Sands tenders her resignation from the Board

NIB Union President Ghion Roach in dark blue jean shirt hanging out with Jeff Moncur light blue shirt having a light moment with the boy.

NASSAU| As Brensil Rolle leaves a record of financial carnage at the National Insurance Board, BP is learning the Minnis Government is now considering borrowing from NIB. But is there any money left?

Additionally, BP will go as far as suggesting that NIB has descended to the point of hiring DANGEROUS UNDERACHIEVERS, and promoting unqualified people. But what do you expect when the likes of a Brensil Rolle is the Minister?

Now we know any day there will be a general election in the country because FNMs are on the ground, promising the world! Minnis has no plan nor did he have any when he got elected in 2017.

Dr. Nicola Virgill-Rolle

But NIB is in trouble! Workers have mounting issues. The morale is low and both President and Secretary General of the non-management union at the Board have been promoted into management leaving the workers stranded.

Non-management Union President Ghion Roach has sold out the Union and left its members in a tailspin. He has been promoted to the manager on Bimini, which was instigated by his close buddy and friend, Jeff Moncur, who is the Assistant Director for Core Services Claims and Benefits. BP above shares a photo of the pair having hangout fun.

Roach was never a high performer at the Board. In fact, a glance at his HR files shows he was an under performer.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Union Therese Woodside-Spence, was promoted to Manager in Contribution Services. Her HR record has not yet been viewed by BP.

And while all this incompetence and ignorance is being celebrated and elevated at NIB, decent, hardworking, loyal and competent NIB staffers who have put their time in cannot, get an interview to apply for the vacancies. 

And, as all this unfolds with the knowledge of the Prime Minister, the staff incremental payments have been deferred, perhaps to a date nearer to the snap general elections. 

Workers at NIB are discouraged, depressed and dangerously burned out, having to work through all the pandemic, processing benefits. Just this week Deputy Director Yevette Sands out of frustration from the chaos at the Board has tendered her resignation to the Board at NIB.

This is really sad what is happening at NIB! Last month the Director Dr.  Nicola Virgill-Rolle stepped down from the Board warning staff to “Save dey self”!

we report yinner decide!