Loretta Butler Turner accepts her fate in the FNM…


Could Loretta now be the new Leader of da DNA?

Long Island MP Loretta Butler Turner made Opposition Leader today.

Dear Executive Members,

The actions undertaken by yourselves and the Council, combined with the public pronoucements by the leadership of the Party clearly demonstrate  your intent to sever my legal affiliation with the FNM;  The Party that l voluntarily supported and joined over 30 years ago.

Be assured that l do not enjoy, neither do l embrace this posture, but l will not pursue or fight the illegitimacy of this premise, as I have previously stated in my response letter to the Secretary General on December 15th, 2016.

The ideals and philosophy of the FNM’s existence are aligned with my personal convictions…..Democracy, Accountability, Fairness and Transparency.  l unreservedly espouse these tenets of my Party. For these reasons, despite the divergent path we now face, l accept your majority will without oppostion.

I sincerely, thank you all for your past support and comradie. The battles and causes we have fought together will always be held proudly in my heart.

May God Bless You All.

Loretta Butler-Turner, M.P.