Lunch Vendors and Bus Drivers cannot collect their money from Government – AND this crew has borrowed more than $2 Billion in one year!


Education bus contracts taken.

Nassau – While Minister Jeff Lloyd was busy commenting on BPL and a possible downgrade in the country, he is still silent on the alleged molestations at YEAST when he served as director.

Bahamas Press is reporting complete and absolute chaos deep inside the Ministry of Education, just as the school year is about to open.

We knew Lunch vendors had still not been paid before the school year closed and we know contracted bus drivers who supply transport of students still cannot get their funds two months back.

Meanwhile, BP has the exclusive where we can tell you revenue is down in every government revenue generating department, thanks to the wutless and abrupt decision of introducing a 12% VAT back in June.

Shouldn’t Lloyd be discussing with the public the challenges he faces in his Ministry?

We report yinner decide!