Lyford Cay Donations taken by a former MP in the FNM – Where did the $250,000 go?


Former Senior MP tell all drunk at the table telling jokes about his past political experience…

Loretta Butler-Turner - Dion Foulkes and Tommy T plot to get rid of Loretta.

Nassau, Bahamas — Former Prime Minister was drunk at a bar in North Abaco once again telling old stories and jokes about his horrid past.

Hubert Ingraham has now fully retired, but is not short of old stories, which some believe, could land Mr. Ingraham on the comedic stage.

He tells lofty jokes about his scatterbrain Cabinet Members, which asked some of the dumbest questions ever. He also tells stories of his even dumber responses and, boy, as BP joked and laughed with the former PM over the holidays, all we could tell Mr. Ingraham is what a good comedian he has become.

Recently there were plenty jokes around the table at a lunch bunch Christmas feasting at the Turnquest ranch on the highway. The hosts, Tommy T and Orville, were smiling with friends as they prepare to make their move to get rid of Loretta Butler-Turner from the deputy leadership of the Party this 2013.

But there is more. We are being told members of the FNM leadership team are getting tight and are aware of those who seek the posts and are outside the Parliament. Some say Tommy T is hoping one of the older FNMs – St. Anne’s MP or Montagu’s MP – will step aside to make way for a by-election to have him seated in the Parliament and then move in on Loretta. We are told the plot also thickened when Lorretta got information that Dion Foulkes – who initially supported her bid for deputy leader – agreed with the plot for Tommy to make his move on the Deputy Leader.

This is not good!

Hubert Ingraham told friends he supports Perry Christie and wants a "Yes" vote on Jan 28th!

And so while Ingraham laughed and joked, a story about missing money in the FNM surfaced and guess who became the topic of that discussion? “Tiny”.

Lips went quiet and ears opened wide as the former PM gave his account of the Lyford Cay heist!

“We had received a $240,000 donation from a sponsor out of Lyford Cay. We were assured the full amount would be deposited before the weekend. The weekend came and went and there was no response and so I telephoned the sponsor telling him that the donation was urgently needed.

“But guess what he told me? He said, ‘But TINY collected the money already. You didn’t get it?’ I thanked him for his support and hung up. Well you know what happened after dat.” [LOUD BURST OF LAUGHTER].

Some would believe only in the PLP shysters were all around shaking down supporters, but the intel by the former PM was clear. Some serious ‘thiefin’ went down inside the FNM, which cost the Party an election defeat at the polls.

Ingraham added: “We never recovered the money. And dat was dat!”

Boy I tell ya! If ya don’t laugh you will cry, and these the people who want sit at the top?! KEEP DEM OUT!!!

We report yinner decide!