Lying Monavie is getting worse by the day…Bahamians arn’t fool!!


This morning Bahamas Press woke up to another blatant DAMNABLE LIE approved and published by Junior Minister Zharvigo ‘Monavie’ Laing. There he is stating that the Parliament of the Bahamas meets, “about two to three days a week”.

It is untrue and an outright LIE to suggest such. The Parliament of the Bahamas has not met in two weeks and continues to go on long lengthy breaks especially when PAPA is out of town. Things are so bad with the One Man Cabinet, Papa went to the Royal Wedding in London and since his travels of fine dining and lavish morning suits, NO PARLIAMENT or Cabinet has met. Fact is, the FNM is such a one man show, they could not even congratulate themselves on the anniversary day [MAY2nd, 2007], when the people of the country elected them to power! They have NO SHAME!

But here’s a man who told us there was no pending recession in 2007. Here’s a man who could not tell Wendall Jones what is the National Debt. Here a Minister who could not say what are the unemployment figures; particularly in Grand Bahama where hundreds of his constituents are looking for a job. And here’s a man who told us there is no difference between 49% and 51% during the STINK SWEETHEART SALE of BTC to Cable and WIRELESS.

LYING LAING, Bahamians know when the House meets; they have Channel 40 and ZNS to tell them that! You DON’T HAVE TO LIE SO AND TRY MAKE US LOOK FOOL!

UNTRUTH TOLD ON LYING LAING’S FACEBOOK: The House of Assembly is in Nassau and meets about two to three days a week. The Government Ministries are in Nassau and ministers lead them every day. Therefore, Ministers who are Family Island MPs spend a lot of time in Nassau. This is the challenge of visiting hundreds of homes regularly after elections. That’s why we hold regular Office Hours. We balance our roles. It’s the FNM way.


  1. I can’t trust him, he is lie for the most simplest of things. I mean things he know you can easily go back and check and he would still try to get away with lying about it. Man! if you think somebody lie to you before, you better think again. Trust me, you have never been lie to until this man lie to you.

  2. Bahamians has to look at True Issues that not only affects them but also their families, brothers and sisters as well as the neighborhood,community,constituency and their country.We have Three social ills in this country that still has a Negative Grip on our society…Crime,Health&Education…and if you look closely at these 3 things it has an effect on our daily living that has a train reaction to Everything else that goes on…

  3. Marco City, you is a nasty liar. Right now you don’t live in Marco City and I know you was never no FNM. Who you trying to fool on this site? Laing is a good MP and a good Minister. The problem is that you sorry PLPs don’t like how him and Charles Maynard is put it on your ignorant members all the time when they bring their lies out. So Marco City, go back to your lieing House because thaty where all your sorry PLPs on this site belong.

    • Mark you really need lesson in grammar (not gram ma) and spelling. The time you take to defend Mr. Monavie you need to go back to school and get a good good good education because my brother you definitely need it.

  4. Zhivargo Laing Is The Worst Represenative We Have Ever Had In Marco City….. Us In Marco City Waiting To Vote Him Out. Even Thou Am A FNM I cant Vote For Laing Sorry…….Let All Of Us Down….

  5. cinimin, so you want a political debate?
    Papa ain want none cause the first question he ga have ta answer is what make him put a racist on our money when he was erased?
    Go look in the mirror and start from there but das the problem, Bahamian aint ga no identity so they wan look like boo boo any day all day.

  6. Mr. Mona Vie can’t help himself now, he been telling fibs for so long. It has now becomes somewhat an unbreakable habit for him. Everyday, he is looking more and more like Pinocchio, all you need is for his nose to start spreading then that would be the tip of the iceberg.

  7. @Disgusted

    Classic example of what is really wrong with the Bahamas. It is not the Government – it is your twisted point of view and the non-respect for your fellow man. Look at how you just totally degrade another Bahamian because he supports another party other than the one you support.

    Politics have caused us to cut a line in the sand so deep that no matter who is in office there will always be sour grapes on who did what and who gets what and who is what! With these sentiments Bahamians are their own worst enemy! But of course we are so vain that we can never point the finger at ourselves.

    We will never be able to live up to our true intellectual capacity with the level of ignorance that is being displayed in all aspects of our society. It is quite cancerous and contagious – especially during election times!

    RISE UP BAHAMAS – cause we can be and do much better than this.

  8. This is all so very sad. One cannot help but think that if the FNM are successful & subsequently win the elections, Minister Laing will undoubtedly be promoted even higher up the ranks of the FNM leadership. Well once again the decision is collectively in the hands of the Bahamian people. After that, I guess we all better do what we can to survive, whatever the election results may be…..

  9. It is amazing to hear you guys speak so ill of Zhivargo Laing. All you can say is monavie. He should be proud that you are not using more disparaging things about him like you could about so many other politicians. This young man has made his community and family proud and he has been very active in in role. He gives scholarships, holds office hours often and puts them in the media, he has a youth programme for high school students and is a decent family and Christian man. You call him a liar eventhough over and over lies are spread on Bahamas Press. Shame on you.

    • Oh and sorry Chillin you only could get one comment in. SEE, THAT LYING SPIRIT ALREADY RUBBING OFF on you!


    • And what LIES WE SPREAD Chillin? You want to say we spread the LIES TOLD BY LAING EH? He said the House meets two to three times every week. THAT’S a BOLDFACE, DAMNABLE LIE TOLD BY A JACKASS! THAT IS NOT TRUE! And if it is, how much times did the House meet this week or LAST WEEK?


    • I echoe some of your few points about Mr.Laing,but the topic is not about what Mr. Laing has done or is doing,it`s about him telling Untrueth to the Bahamian people…

  10. How is it that we can still say that we are a FNM or a PLP, and my mind is made up and I am not going to change? My question is what makes you a FNM or a PLP are you voting for the party or the leader, or the candidate running in your community.

    Would it not make rational sense to listen to both side in an intellectual forum with a debate on the issues and your agenda, along with a power point presentation, with questions and answers. This will apply for the leaders and the members and potential candidates; this will make much more sense than the large rallies with the loud music and rum drinking. My view is that rallies should be out law in the Bahamas. And stick to the issues and lay out a plan on how you are going to deal with the issues and leave out the personal attacks on each other.

    Tell me in a presentation on how you are going to build this school in my area if we but you in the House, knowing that there is only so much money allocated, so but your numbers in a power point presentation, and show us how the numbers are going to work and how long is it going to take to be completed.

    • Now we talking sense! This is the message we should be spreading and stop getting caught up in all the gossip about “he say” and “she say”. That has been the smoke screen for ooooh too long and now it is time that we clear the air and get down to the real business of the Bahamas. No more greasy politics.

      Rise up Bahamas….

  11. this monavie man drop the rate at custom so his family can bring in they stuff fa nothing like the rest of we bahamians do deserve the same. talk about trust. i trust that they will ring the bell sooner than later.

  12. they say if ya love it let it kill ya!! the fnm een do s**t fa yall and talking about yall still trust ing-rum ? your elevator don’t go to the top floor aye? or you just plain out stupid? or u that far gone you don’t think you can be help? sound like you is the typ that is give ing-rum the ky jelly and turn backwards. b/c you can’t be serious .

  13. Real Freeport are you suffering from some kind of abuse,my mother and brothers live in freeport and they say things are real bad that my mother said that several of her neghbours lights are off and they come over to get water gallons of water from her house.and that none of them are working my point is how can you vote for a government that has not brought economic relief to freeport sense coming to power and is spending 10 of millions of dollars in road improvements and capital works in Nassau.are you playing with a full deck of cards or will you die wearing the red or yellow colours.

  14. Reply to Cinimin,

    I was feeling the same notion lately, I once enjoy so much reading the stories in BP. But as of lately it sames to be so one sided with the preponderance of the stories, and is appearing to be taking a political side. We all no that the government is not doing a good job, but there has to be some thing good in this country to report. You guys are starting to sound like Rush Limbaugh with nothing positive to say about the country. Yes its election time but there are still some of us that want to read the news, and not so much political spin and crime reports.

  15. I am from Freeport and even though we don’t like whats going on We still trust Ingram over Perry cause Perry is a joke!!!!!!!!!!! These couple PLP{‘s in Freeport mouth loud but trust me fNM still gonna win dis island in the next election. Forrester Caroll is a wanna be and a joke. Remeber the majority of Bahamians dont read this but Im on the streets and know what the majority is sayin!!!!

    • Your true name should be real *******. I live in freeport and I Know Freeport will vote plp. Most people in this City ain’t as stupid as you would be if you vote for the FNM. Pull your head outta your ******* and breath some fresh air idiot.


    • Sound like you already got your $100 note Vargo Supporter. Suffer for 5 years and sell your vote for $100? GEEEZZZZ! Things gata be DUTTY TUFF!

    • Grand Bahama is Not FNM Country,because my community is lacking the basics,my constituency as well as my country on the hold,put less Grand Bahama..

  17. I have been hearing that Ingraham intends to cut Sea Horse Village from the High Rock constituency and attach it to Marco City to bolster the Boy’s chances of winning but I DON’T CARE WHAT THEY DO; THERE ARE NO WINS FOR THE FNM IN GRAND BAHAMA, THIS TIME. PEOPLE ARE TRUELY FED UP WITH THEIR LIES. WE WANT THE FNM TO GIVE US ONE REASON WHY WE SHOULD VOTE THEM BACK INTO OFFICE; JUST ONE REASON.

  18. I seem that you have not been having much response to your one sided stories lately. If this is such a great news site then why not give some solution to your many readers on what should be done. Put your political differences aside and help by giving good clean advise to the many young readers that visit this site every. It does not matter who is the government, if we don’t change as a people then we are still lost and headed for destruction. Implementing stiffer penalties for crimes is good but is that not after the fact, what suggestion you have for our people before they pull the trigger on a friend or family member. Yes people are dying everyday, yes the roads are dug up, and yes our Great Prime Minister went to the Royal Wedding. Do you think if he had stayed the person who was killed on the weekend would not have died nor would you have commended him for not going? Give me a break.

    • @cinimin
      I can easily answer your query:get rid of this FNM Govt and all of the country,s problems will be solved.Anyway whenever the bell is rung its over for this pathetic,callous and out of touch Govt.

  19. Dear BP,

    Why you wasting your time on dis wutless man from Freeport? Don’t worry about him as we in Freeport plan to make him a seatless wonder as soon as they ring the bell! I guess he ga be back to selling worthless motivational tings to people in Freeport, he just better make sure he don’t come by my house!!

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