Major security breach at Acting Prime Minister home this morning – Brave Davis robbed!!!!


Those robbers should have been shot dead the minute they entered the compound of the Acting Prime Minister! – Could FNM Goons be responsible?

Acting Prime Minister Philip Davis.

Nassau, Bahamas – Shocking news hitting Bahamas Press this morning confirms a home invasion at the compound of Acting Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis this morning.

Reports are that the as Mr. Davis was about to leave his home for office, three mast gunmen forced their way onto the compound and gun butted the driver.

The men then held the Acting PM of the Bahamas against his will and forced him back inside the home.

Bahamas Press serious questions those in charge of the security of the man holding the instruments of power in the country while the PM is headed to Johannesburg for the memorial service of Nelson Mandela.

One must ask- where were the guard dogs, the sharp shooters and the security details for the office of the man who will conduct the Cabinet Meetings while the PM is on official business? What kind of country we are running here?

Police Commissioner giving statement on robbery at DPM residence. No harm or assault on DPM and Mrs. Davis.

The Acting PM was not harmed during the ordeal. Senior officers of the RBPF and the Minister of National Security are now at the crime scene.

Heads must roll for this.

In June the bodyguard to Mr. Davis, Sergeant 2438 Andrew Sweeting, was rushed to the hospital after he was attacked and shot by two gunmen.

During that incident Mr. Davis was not in harm’s way as he was in London, England at the time of that incident.

We report yinner decide!

Photo of senior police and media outside the compound of the ACTING PRIME MINISTER THIS MORNING. COP Ellison Greenslade speak with members of the wutless media in the Bahamas. Photo by