Man – known to police and taken to PMH – fights doctor and then dies…


Family began attacking medical staff…

Something must be done in the emergency section of the PMH now!!!! There are too few doctors to see the large number of patients...

Who will protect the medical staff at PMH when the cold killers come for treatment?

Nassau, Bahamas — Drama unfolded at the PMH early this morning after a man, who was rushed in suffering from gunshot wounds, began attacking a medical doctor as he attempted to treat the victim for his wounds.

BP teams on the ground confirm a male patient was brought into PMH around 3 am suffering from a bullet wound to his upper body.

But while the medical doctor and team attempted to save the life of the patient, the victim began attacking those seeking to help him and got up and slapped to the ground the medical doctor at PMH emergency room. The excuse for the attack was that the doctor was “not taking out the bullet fast enough.” Well, blow me down!

A number of medical personnel were also attacked by the street thug and his family and/or friends who joined in!

Interestingly no one could assist the violent patient who later died in the emergency room!

Bahamas Press wonders where were the Defence Force officers assigned to the emergency section to protect medical staff from such situations? Why has that group not been arrested as yet?

Why the  patient was not shot to death after the attack?

Why has not anyone been charged as yet?! Security arraignments at the PMH must change and change quickly to protect medical staff. Remember nurse Joan Lunn?


We report yinner decide!